Poseidon Jetstream MK3 Second Stage (Red)

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Poseidon Jetstream MK3 second stage only regulator with a pilot-operated upstream demand valve design.
When purchased separately, individual regulator stages remain as factory configured by the manufacturer and final integration must, out of necessity, become a customer responsibility.

Poseidon Jetstream MK3 Second Stage (Red)

Poseidon Jetstream MK3 Red Second Stage
Poseidon Jetstream MK3 Red Second Stage
  • Poseidon Jetstream Mk3 Second Stage (Red)
  • Uses standard low pressure hose fitting together with an Xstream first stage
  • Robust construction and reliable pilot-operated upstream demand valve design
  • Equipped with a +/- flow sensitivity switch for sidemount and stage applications
  • Servo-assist for low inhalation effort eliminates need for adjustment knob

A robust construction and reliable pilot-operated upstream demand valve design make it suitable for the toughest conditions. The second stage is equipped with a +/- flow sensitivity switch, making it popular for sidemount and stage applications. The Jetstream second stage uses pilot-operated upstream demand valve technology that also seals the seat without the use of conventional knife edge design seating systems. This servo-assist feature allows for very low inhalation effort and also eliminates any need for a venturi switch or adjustment knob. The second stage is also ambidextrous, allowing both left and right hose routing and breathes equally well in nearly any swimming position while the side mounted exhaust directs the bubbles out of the field of vision.

The upstream design of the Jetstream MK3 second stage requires a OPV in the first stage, already included in the Poseidon MK3 first stages. Historically, Poseidon incorporated the OPV for their upstream second stages in a unique fitting on the end of their low-pressure second stage hose. The special hose was not widely available, particularly in the uncommon lengths preferred by technical divers. In 2008 Poseidon updated their designs (the MK3 designation) to no longer require a Poseidon-specific low-pressure regulator hose. The OPV is now located in the Poseidon first stage, enabling use of a standard hose with the Jetstream MK3 second stage. We do not recommend use of the Jetstream MK3 second stages with other than Poseidon MK3 first stages.

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