Poseidon Cyklon X Kit

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A combination of the Xstream 1st stage with the Cyklon 2nd stage, Poseidon has created a truly robust and reliable regulator. This regulator is for any diver who wants the power and reliability of the Xstream 1st stage with the durability and downstream capabilities of the Cyklon 2nd stage.
Please note, this regulator does NOT come assembled. Photo is for illustration purposes only.

Poseidon Cyklon X Kit

Poseidon Cyklon X Kit
Poseidon Cyklon X Kit Poseidon Cyklon X Kit Poseidon Cyklon X Kit

Key Features

  • Side purge prevents current induced, and other unwanted purge / free flow
  • Side exhaust keeps your vision clear of bubbles
  • Ambidextrous 2nd stage makes gas sharing easier and less stressful

Technical Features

  • Can be used with Air, Nitrox
  • 5 LP and 2 HP ports
  • EN 250 cold water approved
  • Downstream 2nd stage
  • DIN connector
  • Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze (no environmental seals or extra fluids)

Kit Includes

  • Xstream 1st Stage
  • Cyklon 2nd Stage with 27.5 inch (70cm) LP hose

† All Poseidon regulators include Poseidon's limited lifetime warranty as long as the regulator is serviced by an authorized Poseidon dealer at least once every 24 months.

The Xstream first stage is silver color, suitable for all mixtures including Nitrox and Trimix. It uses a unique synthetic ruby sphere that virtually eliminates high pressure seat wear that is common in knife edge design seating systems. The Xstream first stage also uses a rolling diaphragm design that eliminates any restriction in movement, which creates a smooth transfer of gas from the first stage to the second stage. This rolling diaphragm design further creates a insulating barrier so there is no need for an additional environmental kit. The Xstream has five low pressure standard 3/8-inch UNF ports and two high pressure standard 7/16-inch UNF ports.

This is the same Cyklon pilot-operated downstream demand valve design found in the original metal second stage but updated in a plastic body that offers a reduced weight and lower price. The plastic body second stage should not be used in water temperatures {50°F | 10°C} or colder because the plastic body does not have enough metal parts to act as a heat sync and absorb heat from the water to prevent icing up in cold waters.

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