Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage, Yellow

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The Cyklon Metal Second Stage, with yellow accent color, is the original pilot-operated downstream demand valve design in the classic metal body.

When purchased separately, individual regulator stages remain as factory configured by the manufacturer and final integration must, out of necessity, become a customer responsibility.

Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage, Yellow

Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage, Yellow
Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage, Yellow
  • Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage - Yellow
  • Downstream demand valve design in the classic metal body
  • Choice of the US Navy and long time technical divers
  • Metal body can reduce the dry mouth caused by breathing compressed gas

Beyond the mechanical strength, the high thermal conductivity of the metal body can also reduce the dry mouth feeling caused by breathing compressed gas.

Important:The Cyklon regulators work at an IP of { 166 psi | 11.5 bar }, which is considerably higher than typical of most modern regulators. Dive Gear Express recommends using the Cyklon second stages only with the Cyklon first stage.

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Weight 1.000000
Regulator Stage Second Stage
Brand Poseidon
Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Because of the history behind the Cyklon model second stage, there is a compatibility issue with modern standard hoses. The second stage 9/16-inch male fitting that accepts the female fitting on the hose will just barely seal with the #10 o-ring in the barrel of the hose fitting. It WILL seal, but if you pull hard on the hose at various angles you can usually find a position that will cause a slight 'fizz' of tiny bubbles at the fitting. We have tried the standard regulator hoses from a variety of suppliers and all seem to exhibit the issue to some degree with Cyklon model second stages. Dive Gear Express also offers third party hose adapters that allow our standard low-pressure rubber and flex hoses to be used with any Cyklon model second stage.

If you substitute a standard hose without an adapter, do NOT use undue force to over-tighten the hose fitting in an attempt to address this behavior. The second stage cracking pressure adjustment screw extends out in to the barrel of the fitting more than most second stage designs, and over-tightening will cause the hose fitting to bottom out against the end of the adjustment screw. This results in the second stage no longer being able to swivel on the hose, and possibly causes the cracking pressure adjustment to change as well.

Poseidon USA advises us that they are aware of this behavior, limited exclusively to Cyklon model second stages, and to address this issue they offer Cyklon specific OEM heavy rubber hoses. Dive Gear Express offers Cyklon specific OEM hoses in the only lengths available from Poseidon.

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