Poseidon Cyklon First Stage w/OPV

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When it was introduced, the Cyklon was the first piston regulator with a single hose.

When purchased separately, individual regulator stages remain as factory configured by the manufacturer and final integration must, out of necessity, become a customer responsibility.

Poseidon Cyklon First Stage w/OPV

Poseidon Cyklon First Stage w/OPV
Poseidon Cyklon First Stage w/OPV

Though materials and design have updated over the years, thanks to its proven durability the Cyklon is still a choice of the US Navy and long time technical divers. The Cyklon offers 4 LP and 2 HP ports, DIN 300 Bar fitting and is approved to the EN250 CE standard.

Important:The Cyklon regulators work at an IP of { 166 psi | 11.5 bar }, which is considerably higher than typical of most modern regulators. Dive Gear Express recommends using the Cyklon first stage only with the Cyklon second stages.

Please note that when this first stage is sold "raw" as received from the factory and not as part of a package that includes a second stage, it will have three of the four LP ports plugged (i.e. one LP port will be open) and both HP ports will be plugged.

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SKU PDS-3720
Weight 1.5000
Regulator Stage First Stage
Brand Poseidon
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