Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera

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Paralenz Vaquita is a small and powerful underwater camera with a simple mission: to enable you to seamlessly capture and share brilliant underwater videos.

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November 30th thru December 31, 2021

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Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera

Blue Holidays $649
Blue Holidays $649 Complete Kit Side View Top View Remove Cap for Access to USB-C Port and Micro-SD Card Slot Front View Rear View with Cap Off USB-C Charging Port How to use the Vaquita Paralenz Vaquita Walkthrough
  • DCCTM – Depth Controlled Color Correction
  • Waterproof to { 1150 ft | 350 m } depth - no housing required
  • Compact and extremely durable for any underwater environment
  • Over 75 minutes of 4K @ 60fps recording time
  • Includes Camera, Click Mount, USB cable, spare O-rings

The Paralenz® Vaquita Dive Camera is made from military grade aluminum with titanium screws and the compact shockproof cylindrical design is also insulated with a special thermal foam that minimizes battery discharge even in extreme cold water. The buttons are magnetic with vibration feedback – so you can operate even with thick gloves.

Most other underwater action cameras footage is either tinted green or blue unless you use additional filters. No need to think about filters or technical stuff during your dive with the Vaquita. The camera has a built in pressure sensor and auto corrects the color according to your current depth. It works as both a still camera as well as a video camera. Simply press the button once to take a picture and simply hold to turn on video mode.

Because the Vaquita is equipped with both a temperature sensor and pressure sensor, this allows the camera to log your dive depth and water temperature throughout your dive and then optionally display that data in your videos and pictures when you playback. At what exact depth did you encounter the manta ray or find the cave entrance? With the Vaquita you will always know – and always be able to re-experience and share that special moment. The Paralenz Dive Camera starts logging your dive as soon as it is below the surface. Collect your dives and access all the recordings along with number of dives, max depth, average temperature, total time spent underwater. With the easy-to-use Paralenz mobile app you can seamlessly organize, edit, and share your dive videos.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Handling Paralenz Vaquita is made for underwater recordings. It fits the palm of your hand perfectly – even with gloves on. Experience the most intuitive handling for undisturbed diving.
  • True Color OLED Display A live viewfinder makes it easy for you to frame your recordings. Features an overlay directly on screen with information about temperature and depth.
  • Intelligent Color Correction (DCC) automatically adjusts the white balance and color of your recording to the depth you’re diving at.
  • Waterproof down to 350m / 1150ft Paralenz Vaquita is made of 100% marine-grade aluminum and is waterproof down to 350m – no extra housing or filters needed.
  • 4K 60 fps / 1080p 240 fps Paralenz Vaquita records the smoothest and most detailed underwater videos. The HEVC H.265 codec stores more image information, uses less storage space, and preserves the dynamic range of your recordings.
  • Integrated GPS sensor Paralenz Vaquita logs your exact dive location with your recordings so you can always revisit your dive spot. 

What's in the box: The Paralenz Vaquita underwater camera, click mount, USB-C cable, cloth drawstring bag, and printed Quick Start Guide, plus replacement O-rings, replacement magnet brace, and replacement activation switch with springs. To dive, you need only install a Micro-SD card (Min U3 or V30 Speed Class) for video recording storage that is NOT included. The Paralenz Vaquita has no need for a camera housing or color filters.

NOTE: We strongly suggest adding the optional DGX Padded storage bag for this camera.

Technical Specifications:

Lithium polymer 2000 mAh rechargeable battery with over 1h 15m recording time (4K 60 fps).

Still photo resolution: 12 megapixels.

Video resolution: 4K 60 fps / 4K HDR 30 fps / 1080p 240 fps.

Video bitrate is 100 Mbps.

Stabilization: EIS 4K 30fps.

Chip: Ambarella H2s65.

Image Sensor: Sony IMX577.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (5Ghz, app connection) and Bluetooth (future accessories).

Ports: USB-C, Micro SD-card (up to 128GB max, class: U3 or V30, not included).

OLED Display Size: 0.95" with 180x120p resolution.

Video format: MOV H.265 codec (4K 30fps) and MOV H.264 codec (4K 60fps).

FOV (1/1.8”) D135° H110° V57° lens. 

Measures 5" x 1.5" x 1.7" (128 x 40mm x 343 mm), weighs 240g (100g underwater)

Housing is marine-grade aluminum with an operating temperature of -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

Sensors for GPS, pressure, conductivity, time & temperature, accelerometer, and 9-axis gyroscope, plus internal microphone for audio recording.

The Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera requires a Micro-SD card (Min U3 or V30 Speed Class) for video recording storage that is NOT included. Due to the high speed of data transfer, it is crucial to use one of the following 3 supported SD-cards: Sandisk Extreme Series, Sandisk Extreme PRO Series, and Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series.

Not available to ship outside the United States

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Brand Paralenz
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

The Paralenz camera requires a Micro-SD card (Min U3 or V30 Speed Class, 64GB) for video recording storage that is NOT included. The Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera will only perform as well as its Micro SD memory card allows. The minimum speed rating of the Micro SD-card must be Speed Class 3 (U3 or V30) and the maximum supported storage capacity is 128GB. If the SD-card is not at least Speed Class 3 rated we can't guarantee the performance and you may experience a wide variety of problems, especially when recording in higher definitions. The genuine SD-card brands Paralenz recommends and have tested to perform the best are: Sandisk Extreme Series, Sandisk Extreme PRO Series, Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series. We have also seen problems caused by poorly performing counterfeit SD cards widely sold by unknown 3rd parties through discount marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.