Paralenz Vaquita Third Person Viewer

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Paralenz Vaquita Third Person Viewer

Paralenz Vaquita Third Person Viewer

Complete Kit
Complete Kit Top View Camera Attached to the Telescopic Pole Extension Options Adjustable Angle
  • Adds a new and different perspective to your videos
  • Pole is made from durable carbon fiber materials
  • Extends from {12 in | 30 cm} to {70 in | 180 cm}
  • Telescoping pole with pivoting head

The Paralenz Third Person Viewer includes a Telescopic Pole, two Floaters, a Click Mount for attaching the camera, and a cable with split rings and bolt snap for attachment. The pole can be used as a selfie stick, and can allow extension of the camera beyond diver bubbles and closer to wildlife. Attach the floaters for added stability and buoyancy.

The carbon fiber Telescopic Pole can be extended to four different lengths. At it's shortest, the pole is easily stowed and clipped to a harness. The mount is also rotatable 180 degrees and can be locked in any position in between. The spring-loaded system allows you to switch between viewing angles.

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