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This is the world’s first action camera developed for divers, by divers. The Paralenz Dive Camera is tough, smart, and reliable so you can focus on what matters the most - your dive.

The Paralenz camera requires a Micro-SD card (Min U3 Speed Class, Max 128GB) for video recording storage that is NOT included.

Paralenz Dive Camera

Paralenz Dive Camera
Paralenz Dive Camera Camera Display Complete Kit Easy to Operate with Gloves Paralenz Dive Camera Disassembled Mounted on Mask Paralenz - World's Greatest Action Camera for Diving How To Use Camera Settings
  • DCCTM – Depth controlled Color Correction
  • Waterproof to {200 m | 650 ft} depth - No housing required
  • Compact and extremely durable for any underwater environment
  • Over 2 hours of 4K recording time
  • Includes Camera, 2 mounts, wrist strap, USB cable, spare O-rings and lubricant

The Paralenz Dive Camera is made from military grade aluminum and the compact shockproof cylindrical design is also insulated with a special thermal foam that minimizes battery discharge even in extreme cold water. The buttons of the Paralenz are magnetic with vibration feedback – so you can operate even with thick gloves.

Most other underwater action cameras footage is either tinted green or blue unless you use additional filters. No need to think about filters or technical stuff during your dive with the Paralenz. The camera has a built in pressure sensor and auto corrects the color according to your current depth. If you plan to dive below {65 ft | 20 m} a wide beam flashlight is suggested for the best video image quality.

It works as both a still camera as well as a video camera. Simply press the button once to take a picture and simply hold to turn on video mode.


Because the Paralenz is equipped with both a temperature sensor and pressure sensor, this allows the camera to log your dive depth and water temperature throughout your dive and then optionally display that data in your videos and pictures when you playback. At what exact depth did you encounter the manta ray or find the cave entrance? With the Paralenz Dive Camera you will always know – and always be able to re-experience and share that special moment.

The Paralenz Dive Camera starts logging your dive as soon as it is below the surface. Our easy-to-use mobile app generates a graph where it links photos and footage with the time and depth. Your dive logs can easily be shared with your friends. Collect your dives and access all the recordings along with number of dives, max depth, average temperature, total time spent underwater and much, much more.

NOTE: We strongly suggest adding the optional DGX Padded storage bag for this camera as the included hard case is NOT dive boat or water friendly. The included hard case is designed for shipping protection and not intended and does not function as an expedition bag.

Key Features:

  • {0.5 in | 1.27 cm} OLED Screen
  • DCCTM – Depth controlled Colour Correction
  • Depth and temperature as subtitles
  • +2 Hours of 4K recording
  • Video Format MOV – H.264 codec
  • Video Resolution of 4k-30 fps / 1080p-100 fps / 720p-200 fps
  • Still camera resolution of 8 MP
  • No housing needed
  • Waterproof to 200 meters
  • Dimensions: 116 x 35 x 38 mm (4.5 x 1.4 x 1.5 in)
  • Dive Log Smartphone App

What’s in the box?

  • Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Mask Mount
  • Universal Mount
  • Wrist strap
  • USB-C Cable (for fast charging)
  • 3 extra O-rings
  • Soft box
  • Silicone grease
  • Storage case

The Paralenz camera requires a Micro-SD card (Min U3 Speed Class, Max 128GB) for video recording storage that is NOT included. The SD-cards Paralenz recommends are: Sandisk Extreme Series, Sandisk Extreme PRO Series, and Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series.

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  1. Quick and simple



    Reliable seller - simple and quick sell/buy process. Got my goods in good condition and very fast in shipment process. 5-Stars for the reliable online seller! Good job!
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  2. Better than GoPro



    Bought Paralenz to my vacation diving after GoPro went dead. So camera is very good, video is better than my GoPro 4 Black had. You can record 4k 30fps, 2.7k 60fps and 1080 100 fps and also take 8mb pictures. Lens is larger compared to GoPro and so works better in low light conditions. FOV 140 degrees with corrections so there isn't really fisheye effect. There is also stability control that helps with shaking.
    Best of course is colorcorrection that adjusts according to depth, end result is much better videocolors and no need to play with filters. It also logs you depth and temperature. If you are using lights when taking video just change colorcorrection off or you get red lightbeams. Camera is really simple to use, much simpler that GoPro. One ring that you spin for options and one big level that you pull to start recording. On dives I found I enjoyed much more dives because I didn't have to think what button was where, it just worked. Camera crashed few times first when diving, but new updates seemed to fix it so remember to update when you get you camera before going to diving. You can control camera with mobile app via wifi, still bit jerky.

    Package comes with mounts so that you can use existing GoPro systems if you have them. You will need to buy memory card (Sandisk extreme 64 or 128, I have 128). Camera is made mostly from aluminum, so is resistant. Battery is internal, you screw end off to charge.

    So in summary easier to use and less distracting than GoPro and better video with nice automatic color correction so you don't have to play with filter at different colors. Best underwater action camera out there. It has premium cost but I rather pay and be more hazzle free.
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

The Paralenz Dive Camera will only perform as well as its Micro SD memory card allows. The minimum speed rating of the Micro SD-card must be Speed Class 3 (U3) and the maximum storage capacity supported by Paralenz is 128GB. If the SD-card is not at least U3 speed rated we can't guarantee the performance and you may experience freezing problems, especially when recording in higher definitions. The SD-card brands Paralenz recommends and have tested to perform the best are: Sandisk Extreme Series, Sandisk Extreme PRO Series, Sandisk Extreme PLUS Series. (Please note the Samsung brand micro-SD cards are not compatible with the Paralenz camera.)

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