Dual Mini-SPG in PSI and BAR

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This Mini-SPG is larger than most and easier to read.

The Mini-SPG should be installed as tightly as possible by hand and then just snugged slightly with a large adjustable wrench. Keep in mind it is the O-ring at the base of the threads that makes the seal on the high pressure gas. Excessive force using the wrench won't make a better seal but will warp the Mini-SPG body, break the O-ring face seal and cause a flood or the clear cover to fall out entirely.

Dual Mini-SPG in PSI and BAR

PSI and BAR Combo
PSI and BAR Combo Side View
  • Screws directly into the standard HP 7/16-inch port of a regulator 1st stage
  • Rated up to {5000 psi | 350 bar} in numbered {1000 psi | 100 bar} increments
  • Nitrox Ready o-ring and suitable for use with pony, inflation and bailout bottles
  • Has a {1 in | 2.5 cm} diameter face and is available in white - PSI and BAR Combo
  • Does not require a hose or air spool for use

This miniature submersible pressure gauge (aka Mini-SPG, pony gauge, button gauge) screws directly into the standard high pressure 7/16-inch port of the regulator first stage and does not require a hose or spool. Our version of the gauge includes a Nitrox Ready o-ring and is rated up to { 5000 psi | 350 bar }, in numbered { 1000 psi | 100 bar } increments, with an easy-to-read scale and clear polycarbonate face cover. Available only with a white face.

The { 1 in | 2.5 cm } face is larger than most and relatively easy to read, but any Mini-SPG indicator needle can be difficult to read underwater. Still, the Mini-SPG works well for some applications with the benefit of no hose clutter. The Mini-SPG is suitable for use with pony, inflation and bailout bottles where you just need an indication of "full," "partial," or "empty."

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Brand DGX
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