Mares XR Singles Wing

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Mares XR Singles Wing

Choose 22 or 34 lb Lift
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Mares XR Single Tank wings utilize a 360 degree toroidal (aka donut) shape bladder design that provides an even volume of inflation on top, sides and bottom, which improves buoyancy control and promotes an efficient, horizontal trim. Available in { 22 lb | 10 kg} lift and { 34 lb | 16 kg} lift versions.

Features of the Mares XR Single Tank wing:

  • Two pairs of slots for tank straps along with integrated anti-roll bars allows for very stable assembly on the Mares XR backplate without the use of a single-tank adapter.
  • Two pairs of webbing reinforced stainless steel grommet holes on 11-inch centers to optionally allow assembly on single-tank adapters.
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane inner bladder is pinch and puncture resistant.
  • Fabric outer shell (1200 Denier ballistic nylon on diver's side and 600 Denier polyester on exterior) with four large stainless steel grommet drain holes (2 on top and 2 on the bottom).
  • Plain 90-degree elbow is positioned at the diver's left so as not to interfere with the regulator first stage.
  • Quality K-style oral/power inflator features two power inflation speeds (standard and turbo) with chrome plated brass buttons. This wing's new inflator is NOT affected by the March 2019 voluntary recall of previous models.
  • Crushproof {16 in | 41 cm} low-profile corrugated hose along with a {23 in | 58 cm} rubber low-pressure BC hose.
  • Combination over-pressure and pull-to-dump low profile valve on the divers right side.
  • Black with grey stripe and embroidered Mares XR logo

The Mares XR Single Tank Wing is designed to be assembled on the Mares XR backplate without the use of a single tank adapter. The STA is a product which predates modern backplate and wing designs that include pre-cut slots for cam straps. Using the straps threaded through the backplate snugs the tank and wing up very tight against the backplate and does not allow the tank to rock. Using an STA sets the tank farther away from the backplate and allows the tank to rock slightly by pivoting from side to side on the bolts. However, the wing also includes 11-centers grommets for use with an STA on backplates where the tank strap slots do not align.

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