Mares 25XR AST First Stage - RIGHT Orientation

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Mares 25XR AST RIGHT Orientation First Stage, with DIN style attachment features two LP ports and one HP port.

Mares 25XR AST First Stage - RIGHT Orientation

RIGHT Orientation 25XR AST First Stage
RIGHT Orientation 25XR AST First Stage 2 LP Ports and 1 HP Port Each Port Orientation for Optimum Hose Routing Back View

The Mares 25XR AST (Auto Sealing Technology) RIGHT Orientation First Stage Regulator is a balanced diaphragm design featuring a next generation of regulator performance. The patented auto sealing technology is automatically activated with air to keep the first stage dry, and is tested in demanding environments such as with oxygen and cold temperatures. With a one-piece full metal body of nickel-plated brass, the 25XR provides maximum breathing comfort and reliability even at extreme depths. Two standard 3/8-inch low pressure ports and one 7/16-inch HP port are positioned for optimum hose routing. The 25XR first stage is environmentally sealed to protect against internal corrosion, contaminants and is suitable for water to { 27°F | -2.78°C }. It comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector and is Nitrox Ready.

While the left and right orientation of the 25XR 1st stages makes them ideal for doubles or sidemount diving, they are equally suitable for single or stage cylinder configurations. Please note that this first stage is sold with one LP and one HP port plugged. The remaining LP port will be open.

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