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> DGX Soft Handmount
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The DGX Soft Handmount is a premium quality ambidextrous soft 'goodman' style mount for handheld dive lights, allowing you to mount your light on the back of your hand (either left or right) and thus free your hand for other tasks. The soft design is much more comfortable than a traditional metal handmount and much easier to adapt to handheld lights as it uses a universal attachment method. A nice feature is a place to easily attach a small bolt snap, as some divers prefer when mounting a metal goodman. The DGX Soft Handmount is constructed not just from neoprene alone, but from soft and durable ballistic nylon fabric that is backed with neoprene. Wear points in the thumb opening are further padded with an additional layer of neoprene. The handmount has a palm strap with excellent comfort. The light strap with a hook and loop closure and rubber gripping pads securely holds lights with a diameter up to {1.75 in | 4.5 cm}. The soft handmount is the perfect accessory for the DGX 600, DGX MAX, Dive Rite BX-1 and Light Monkey 2W handheld lights.

DGX Soft Handmount Glove Size Info DGX SM/MD and LG/XL Soft Handmount Glove

Available in two sizes; to determine your size, measure your hand as shown in the image on the left. If you usually are wearing gloves while diving, then you should measure while wearing gloves as well. If the measurement is { 4.5 in | 11.4 cm } or less, the SM/MD size is the best fit for average sized hands or hands with light gloves. The LG/XL size is for very large hands or hands with heavy gloves.

> Canister Mounting Strap
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Mounting Strap on Canister

An alternative for canister mounting that allows a diver to attach the light along the side of a TransPac harness or metal backplate. If the light switch is on the canister lid, it works best to mount the canister with the switch pointed down so that it is easy to reach. This strap can also be used to 'butt mount' your light canister along the bottom of the Transpac, Nomad or metal backplate and works well for sidemount and rebreather divers with canister lights where the switch is mounted on the head such as the Dive Rite RX series. Available in two versions, the strap only version includes a { 7.5 in L x 1 in W | 17.8 cm x 2.5 cm } nylon strap with two sewn-in { 1 in | 2.5 cm } D-rings and two medium quick links. The strap is also available in a version that includes two canister clamps for those canisters up to { 2.75 in | 7 cm } in diameter that don't already have two suitable clamps (choose this version if you are replacing the Quick Belt Mount feature on your Slimline canister.)

> Quick Mount for Light Canisters
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The Dive Rite Quick Mount for light canisters is used to easily and securely attach or detach any appropriate sized canister light on your waist belt. You can also easily use it to mount your light for sidemount, see how in the video. Hardware such as D-rings and belt buckles no longer have to be removed in order to mount the light. To use the Quick Mount, remove the webbing that comes standard on the canister body and replace with the Quick Mount strap. Pull the bottom, elastic band of the Quick Mount over the bottom of the canister, around a waist belt and back over the canister. The Quick Mount includes the metal canister clamp.

Small fits {2.5 to 2.75 in | 6.4 to 7 cm} canisters

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DGX Soft Handmount (SM/MD)  DX-809202 DGX Soft Handmount (SM/MD) In Stock  $9.95
DGX Soft Handmount (LG/XL)  DX-809201 DGX Soft Handmount (LG/XL) In Stock  $9.95
Canister Mounting Strap Only  DR-AC3010 Canister Mounting Strap Only In Stock  $11.50
Canister Mounting Strap w/small clamps  DR-AC3020 Canister Mounting Strap w/small clamps In Stock  $15.50
Quick Mount for Small Canister { 2.5 to 2.75 in | 6.4 to 7 cm }  DR-LT6090 Quick Mount for Small Canister { 2.5 to 2.75 in | 6.4 to 7 cm } In Stock  $8.50

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