Light Monkey LED 12W Light (v2.0)

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The Light Monkey 12 Watt LED canister light is exceptionally compact and is perfect for travel.

Light Monkey LED 12W Light (v2.0)

Light Monkey LED 12W Light w/5-Hour Burn Time
Light Monkey LED 12W Light (v2.0) Light Monkey LED 12W Light (v2.0) Light Monkey LED 12W Light (v2.0) Light Monkey LED 12W Light w/5-Hour Burn Time
  • Offering 1200 Lumens with a 5 hour burn time
  • Delrin canister body and anodized aluminum head
  • Twist ON/OFF on the light head
  • Sealed Lithium battery and depth rated to 500 ft
  • Exceptionally compact size and perfect for travel

Updated to 1200 Lumens raw output specifications, the Light Monkey LED 12W Light w/5-Hour Burn Time is powered with a sealed lithium chemistry 5.2aH (57.5 watt-hours) battery that is below the TSA thresholds and, when stored in the electrically isolated lid position, does not have any TSA travel restrictions. The light switch is operated by rotating the light head for off/on activation. The canister normally remains sealed, charging is done through the light head, however the battery is user replaceable. The battery and canister are exceptionally compact and perfect for travel.

  • 12W LED with 1200 Lumen light output @6000°K
  • 5.2aH (57.5 watt-hours) Lithium-ion battery with 300 minute burn time
  • Delrin canister body with aluminum head
  • LM Elastic Loop Hand mount standard
  • Light Length: { 7.5 in | 19.05 cm }
  • Light Head Diameter: {2 in | 5.08 cm }
  • Dry Weight: { 2.38 lbs l 1.08 kg }, { .69 lbs l .15 kg } Negative in-water
  • Maximum Operating Depth: { 500 ft |152 m }
  • Recharge time from complete discharge: 3 hours
  • UN 38.3 Test Compliant

The Light Monkey canister is made from a solid block of Delrin with two stainless-steel clamps and a nylon webbing belt loop. Locking latches are used to help prevent accidental opening of a latch under water. The battery is sealed into the canister with two female power connectors and provides power to the head through a pair of matching male connectors embedded in the lid. The system has a provision for closing the lid such that the contacts are electrically isolated for travel. The canister lid also contains the canister o-ring, environmentally sealed on/off switch, and boot. The dry lid is completely sealed providing protection from water intrusion due to a cut cord or switch boot. Sealing glands include strain relief at both ends of the power cord.

The Light Monkey LED lights use a lithium-ion chemistry rechargeable sealed battery that has a high energy density, very good cycle life and is environmentally friendly. In addition, lithium-ion chemistry batteries can be stored for several months without significantly losing charge. The included Universal Lithium-Ion Chemistry Smart Charger automatically adjusts to 110/220V current and 50/60Hz frequency. A US power cord is included with other cords available. Charging time is approximately 3 hours.

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