L&W 100E1 Breathing Air Compressor

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The LW100E is a man portable, robust and reliable, breathing air compressor for filling individual SCUBA tanks.

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The Luxfer S80 SCUBA tank is pictured only for the purpose of illustrating relative sizes and is NOT included in the compressor package.

L&W 100E1 Breathing Air Compressor

L&W 100E Compressor - Front
L&W 100E Compressor - Front L&W 100E Compressor - Rear Service Tool Kit Filter Cartridge and Lubricant Instruction Manual Heavy Duty 12-AWG/3 Unterminated Power Cord Compressor with an Aluminum 80 Cylinder Rear View with Fan Cover Off 3-Stage Piston Compressor L&W Compressors (Lenhardt & Wagner Gmbh)
  • Air Cooled, Splash Lubricated, 3-Stage Piston Compressor
  • Fill AL80 SCUBA Tank with Grade "E" Breathing Air in 23 Minutes
  • Man Portable, Dimensions {27 in X 16 in X 16 in}, Net Weight 95 Lbs
  • Relatively quiet operation at 82 dB(A) - user serviceable unit with low operating costs
  • LW100 - the only block on the market with the crank case and cylinders cast in one piece!

Manufactured in Germany by Lenhardt & Wagner, the LW100E1 is a robust and reliable 3-stage piston compressor powered with a single phase electric motor that is specifically designed for filling individual SCUBA cylinders. The LW100 has an integrated air purification system with a molecular sieve and activated-carbon filter cartridge that produces CGA Grade "E" breathing air, the quality required by sport diving standards. The time to fill a standard aluminum 80 tank from 500 psi to 3000 psi is 23 minutes. Relatively quiet at 82 dB(A), it is man portable and user serviceable with low operating costs.

The heart of the system is the LW100 compressor block. It is the only block on the market with the crank case and cylinders cast in one piece. This eliminates the possibility of leaks between seals, keeps a high degree of precision between moving parts, and offers improved heat dissipation. Incorporating cooling coils after every stage, the average temperature increases just 11°F from intake to outlet. The LW100 also is the only compressor in its class to offer dual function intake and discharge valves in each stage to reduce maintenance, plus steel piston rings designed to outlast and outperform competitor’s PTFE rings.

The complete package from Dive Gear Express includes DIN fitting fill whip and line valve with dampened analog pressure gauge and spin-on yoke adapter, service tool kit, filter cartridge and lubricant. Our package also includes printed full color illustrated instruction manual in English with sections on installation, operation, maintenance and service. Initial setup is as easy as lifting the compressor out of the shipping carton and setting it into position, terminating the power cord with a plug appropriate for your electrical outlet, adding the lubricant, installing the filter cartridge, and you are ready to fill tanks.

Compressor Details

  • Three stage piston, splash lubrication, anti-corrosion coated one-piece block
  • Forced air cooling with cooling coils after each stage
  • Safety over-pressure relief valves after each stage
  • Lubricant & moisture ("condensate") separators after 2nd and 3rd stage
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame
  • Integrated anti-vibration isolation and sturdy two-man carry handles
  • OSHA compliant fan and belt safety guards
  • Relief set for ≈3400 PSI fill pressure (5000 PSI maximum outlet pressure)
  • Breathing air filtration to CGA Grade "E" quality verification standard
  • 3.5 SCFM charging rate with supplied electric motor

Electric Motor Details (USA)

  • Energy efficient model specifically for belt driven compressor applications
  • Capacitor start/run for reduced amperage
  • Thermal and manual overload protection, UL recognized
  • Heavy duty 12-AWG/3 six-foot unterminated power cord
  • 5 HP starting torque and 3 HP continuous duty
  • Single phase, 208-230 volts AC, 60 Hz, 15 full load amperes (FLA)

The compressor is designed to be maintained and serviced by the user. Prior to every operation of the compressor, check the lubricant level and filter cartridge remaining lifetime. During compressor operation, the condensate separators must be manually drained every 30 minutes by opening a small petcock for a few seconds. Every 15 operating hours the filter cartridge must be changed by unscrewing the cartridge housing lid to replace the filter cartridge. After an initial break-in period of 25 hours, and subsequently every 250 operating hours, the lubricant must be replaced. Every 500 and 1000 operating hours requires a user service procedure with appropriate service kit be performed as described in the manual. Routine maintenance consumables are filter cartridges and lubricant, along with periodic service kits; all are available from Dive Gear Express.

Available in special order option package with automatic condensate drain system, final pressure switch for automatic shutdown, dual fill hoses, and an hour meter. Also available configured with a Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine for use in remote areas without reliable electric power. The LW100 is designed for filling individual SCUBA cylinders and is not suitable for filling cascade storage systems.

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Brand LW Americas
Weight (lbs) 145.0000
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Although contamination is unlikely from any properly maintained compressor, as with all breathing gases, Dive Gear Express recommends always testing your tank fills with our carbon monoxide analyzer. While this can serve as a backup plan for the single most dangerous contaminate, it does not replace regular compressed air testing for standards compliance through a third-party laboratory.


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