Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing

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This recently updated universal professional underwater housing fits most popular smartphones enabling their use for underwater photography to { 262 ft | 80 m }.

Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing

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Front View In the Included Case Complete Kit Battery Compartment - Two AAA Batteries Required for Use Rear Control Buttons Kraken Sports New App Tutorial
  • Fits most popular smartphones
  • Maximum Depth Rating of { 262 ft | 80 m }
  • Features a vacuum port system
  • Apps available at Google Play and Apple App stores

The Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing is an updated version that can accommodate a larger phone, and the lens port is also wider. The Smart Housing has an adjustable system allowing it to fit most popular smart phones. The housing also features a vacuum port system. No longer wonder if your seal is safe, simply give a few pulls on the included vacuum pump and the housing will indicate that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. A wide-angle and a macro lens are also available. The housing is made from anodized aluminum.

The Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing and Smartphone Housing Pro are the same with one exception. This Smartphone Housing model does not include a temperature and depth sensor.

The Kraken Smart Housing has a Maximum Depth Rating of { 262 ft | 80 m }. Maximum phone dimensions are { 6.50 in | 165 mm } in height, { 3.45 in | 85 mm } in width, and { 0.37 in | 9.5 mm } in thickness. The phone should have a flat back, curved back phones will not sit in the housing properly. If your phone is the above dimensions or less you should have no problem using the housing.

The housing will fit ALL Apple iPhone models, including the Pro Max phones.

The housing will also fit most Android phones, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g and Google Pixel phones.

Kraken Sports apps for both Android and IOS are available at Google Play and Apple App stores. The Dive Case Connector app for Google Pixel cameras is available at Google Play. Other supported apps are Open Camera (Android) and Deep Photo (iOS). The Dive+ app is no longer supported.

The complete kit includes the pump, O-rings and O-ring pick, lanyard, and microfiber cloth. Select Product Attachments tab for link to download the manual.

Note: The housing requires two AAA batteries (not included) for operation.

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