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Diving Gas Analyzers and Replacement Sensors

Palm 'D' Oxygen Analyzer
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The Analytical Industries Palm Oxygen Diving Analyzer is portable, accurate and affordable; our customers tell us this unit is extremely easy to use. One button calibration in either Air or 100% Oxygen is exceptionally easy and the Palm 'D' will analyze diving gases for oxygen content between 0% and 100%, with a resolution of 0.1% and response time of less than 6 seconds for recreational nitrox mixtures. The user-replaceable thermally compensated sensor maintains accuracy levels that exceed dive industry standards. Just hold the Palm 'D' directly to the cylinder valve outlet and crack open the valve slightly until the reading is stable; works with both Yoke and DIN valves with only one hand and no adapter needed! An optional 2 liter-per-minute flow sampling adapter for the standard BC inflator hose quick-release fitting is also available, see the price list below.

The durable impact resistant housing is sealed for excellent water resistance, includes an on/off switch and allows for user-replacement of the two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries with an approximate life of 13,000 hours of continuous use. Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand, the Palm 'D' offers a very compact form factor of { 2.7 in | 6.9 cm } wide by { 4.1 in | 10.4 cm } tall by { 1.4 in | 3.6 cm} deep and {7 oz | 196 g} weight. With a user-replaceable oxygen sensor and typical sensor life of 36 months, the AII Palm 'D' Oxygen Analyzer is an excellent value solution for your long-term needs.

TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer
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Product Manual (PDF)

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The Analytical Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer is a portable and easy-to-operate analyzer suitable for checking helium and oxygen gas mixtures in any environment. It has a large backlit LCD display that is easily read even in low light conditions, and which provides additional information such as a Maximum Operating Depth calculation. We believe this analyzer is the most accurate, easiest to use, Trimix analyzer on the market.

Patent pending algorithms provide an extremely accurate one-touch calibration. The helium value is zeroed when the oxygen is calibrated with air or 100% O2. During calibration, a third sensor compensates for temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity, and the helium sensor corrects for differences in the thermal conductivity of O2 and N2. During analysis, the third sensor provides exceptional accuracy across the entire range of 0 to 100% for both oxygen and helium under a variety of conditions.

TruMix 4001 Sampling Adapter

The TruMix's rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of continuous use. The included 110/240 VAC power adapter charges the battery in 2 hours, and can remain connected for bench top operation. The LCD backlight will turn off after 30 seconds and full power down will occur after 15 minutes of non-use, unless externally powered. The package also includes an easy to use universal sampling adapter and tubing; to analyze simply open the tank slowly until gas hissing is heard and place sampler against valve opening. An optional 2 liter-per-minute flow sampling adapter for the standard BC inflator hose quick-release fitting is also available, see the price list below.

      TruMix 4001 Specifications

  • Dimensions: { 8.7 in | 22.1 cm } long by { 7.5 in | 19.1 cm } wide by { 3.8 in | 9.7 cm } deep
  • Weight: {3.5 lbs | 1.6 kg }
  • { 2.5 x 2.5 in | 6.4 x 6.4 cm } display provides He, O2, and balance gas percentages to 0.1%
  • Additional information: temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and MOD at 1.4 ATA
  • Imperial or metric units, universal mains charging adapter
TruMix 4001 LCD Digital Readout

The TruMix 4001 offers four very significant advantages over most other Trimix analyzers on the market:

  1. Environment Sensing - The ability to accurately measure dive gas mixes anywhere, regardless of temperature, humidity or altitude. During calibration, the TruMix patent-pending environment sensor measures the atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity to accurately determine the concentration of Oxygen in the atmosphere. This allows accurate calibration without requiring a calibration gas and allows the TruMix 4001 to be used over a wide range of temperature, humidity and altitudes without requiring a chart or calculator.
  2. Measures Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen in Any Ratio - Uses a proprietary algorithm to allow it to accurately measure gas mixes consisting of any unary, binary or ternary combination of Helium, Oxygen and Nitrogen. The Oxygen in trimix can significantly affect the helium analysis in most analyzers. By utilizing the Oxygen sensor to compensate the Helium sensor, the TruMix 4001 can accurately measure Heliox and Trimix mixtures in any ratio of component gases.
  3. Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) -Automatically calculates and displays the Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) for the gas mix being sampled.
  4. Rugged Waterproof Case - Built into a portable, rugged, watertight case designed to withstand the harsh environment of the dive boat or shop workbench.

> Specialty Oxygen Sensors (Analyzers)
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Product Manual (PDF)

> Specialty Oxygen Sensors (Analyzers) URL for this product

We are a high volume retailer of AI brand diving sensors, assuring that replacement sensors ordered from Dive Gear Express are always among the freshest available.

Analytical Industries offers a wide selection of replacement oxygen sensors for diving gas analyzers. To match the Analytical Industries part number to the OEM specifications for your equipment, consult the reference guide by clicking on the small book icon at left. For rebreather oxygen sensors please visit Rebreathers.

Although we make every effort to keep all these sensors in stock, because of relatively low unit sales volumes for some of the more obscure models, they can occasionally have a 1-2 week lead time in order for Dive Gear Express to be able to offer the freshest sensor available.

  • The PSR-11-37-52D will work in the Analox O2EII.
  • The PSR-11-37-D2 will work in the Nuvair O2 QuickStick, and Nuvair Pro Trimix
  • The PSR-11-37-D2-1 will work in the Teledyne MixChek
  • The PSR-11-37-D4 will work in the OxyCheq Expedition, MSA MiniOx IV, Abysmal TekChek, and RC Dive Spectrum Pro-1.
  • The PSR-11-39-ATA will work in the Analox ATA Trimix Analyzer.
  • The PSR-11-39-JD, with the 3.5mm Mini-Jack connector, is used in the Dive Rite VTI, Mini-Ox brand, Spectrum brand, Vandagraph VN202, OxyCheq El Cheapo/Expedition-X, and Teledyne AD300/MD300.
  • The PSR-11-39-MD with the 3-pin Molex connector, is used in the Cochran Lifeguard, DiveTek Oz, Mares EANx, and OxySpy.
  • The AII-11-75-PO2D is for the Analytical Industries Palm 'D' analyzer, and the AII-11-75D is the oxygen sensor for the Analytical Industries Trumix 4001 analyzer.

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Palm 'D' BC Hose  Adapter, 2 LPM Flow  ADI-A3671 Palm 'D' BC Hose Adapter, 2 LPM Flow In Stock  $45.00
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