Frequently Answered Questions About Shipping

What is the cost of shipping? - The easiest way for you determine our domestic or international shipping costs is to simply add your product choices to the shopping cart. Then, view your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon in the upper right hand corner of any page. In the box titled "Choose Your Shipping Option" you must enter country, state/province/region, and zip code/postal code. Then click "Show Shipping Options" to see the shipping options available and their cost. To the right of that area, you will find a Grand Total price for your order including shipping. Once you reach a minimum order value that depends on the destination type (domestic or international) shipping for most orders is FREE. Although we can also ship cylinders, rebreathers, absorbent, DPVs, and gas boosters most anywhere in the world, please note, our shopping cart is not able to properly compute shipping costs on multiple oversize packages. Because of size and weight restrictions these items must be shipped separately. If your order includes any of the above mentioned items, please place a separate order for those items and we will notify you of any adjustments in the price for shipping.

Can the "Ship To" address be different than the "Bill To" address? - Yes, your order can be shipped to an address other than your billing address by selecting "Secure Credit Card" as your method of payment. Checking out by entering your credit card information will provide you the opportunity to manually enter any alternative "Ship To" address during the checkout process. You can also checkout with PayPal or Amazon, but you must first provide an alternate "Ship To" address in your PayPal or Amazon account. Note that adding a new "Ship To" address to your PayPal or Amazon account can cause their security to require additional verification steps directly with the account holder and may delay processing of your order.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses? - Yes, we are very pleased to ship to APO, FPO and DPO addresses, subject to recent restrictions enforced by the US Postal Service on packages mailed to those addresses. Please see our Shipping to APO/FPO/DPO Addresses page for details on how to successfully enter a Dive Gear Express order shipped to a APO, FPO or DPO address.

Do you ship to U.S. Territories? - We offer Super Saver (Non-Continental US) and USPS Priority Mail shipping to all areas defined by the US postal service as a U.S. Territory or possession address with a Zip Code. In our shopping cart select United States as the ship to country, for the state enter the territory name or two letter postal code: American Samoa (AS), Guam (GU), Northern Mariana Islands (MP), Puerto Rico (PR), or US Virgin Islands (VI). Finally, be sure to enter the appropriate five digit US Postal Service ZIP Code. Note in many cases you will see a warning message "United Parcel Service (UPS): The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations. Please check if the Zip/Postal Code has been entered correctly." Read carefully because it's only warning you that a private courier service named United Parcel Service (UPS) does not offer service to that location. However the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) service is always still available as a choice in the "Choose Shipping Option" drop-down menu. Per USPS DMM 609, packages addressed to all territories and possessions except Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands will include international Customs forms with a contents and value declaration. Also, keep in mind that Free Super Saver shipping to addresses outside the 48 continental United States is not available on cylinders, rebreathers, absorbent, DPVs and gas boosters.

Do you ship to the Freely Associated States? - Our shopping cart considers Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau and Republic of the Marshall Islands as international for the purpose of determining shipping options, including the order value required to qualify for FREE International Super Saver. Although considered an international destination, you still must enter the appropriate domestic five digit US Postal Service ZIP Code. Packages addressed to the Freely Associated States now include international Customs forms with a contents and value declaration. Also, keep in mind that Free Super Saver shipping to addresses outside the 48 continental United States is not available on cylinders, rebreathers, absorbent, DPVs and gas boosters.

Are there any locations to which you cannot ship? - Our bank card processor does not process payments from entities with US Government financial sanctions. Thus, we are unable to accept orders from those entities. Note this limitation is solely a result of the interpretation of US Government policies by our bank card processor and completely outside our control. Visit the United States Treasury Department Sanctions Programs Resource Center for a current list.

Can you ship to arrive on a specific date at my hotel? - We are happy to accommodate your request for date specific arrival at any domestic US address such as that of a friend, family member, or hotel. We have successfully shipped a great many packages to our customers who are traveling in the US and wish to return home with products purchased from Dive Gear Express. Please read our Date Specific Shipping Instructions page for details about this free service.

What is the delivery time for international shipping? - Our experience is most international destination packages shipped via USPS Mail International will arrive, regardless of destination country, between one and two weeks time. Almost all arrive within about three weeks. Delays beyond three weeks are rare, but can be as long as four to six weeks for remote destinations. The usual reason for late arrival of your package is a delay clearing your local customs inspection. If your package has not arrived after three weeks, your face-to-face formal inquiry at your local postal service or Customs office usually causes a package to deliver within a few days.

Will you understate the value of my order on shipping documents? - By law, your order must ship with a certified true and correct itemized invoice along with a value declaration as Merchandise for the invoice amount (shipping costs are designated as such) described as "Water-sport Equipment". While we understand the reasons for your request, we are unable to falsify documentation.

Can you ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate Box (FRB)? - Yes. Unfortunately, our shopping cart is not able to determine if your order can fit in an FRB. That is why the flat rate shipping option cannot be offered at checkout. You may request us to attempt to fit your order in a FRB by writing a note in the "Order Comments" box during checkout. We pack and weigh your order, manually determine if it can fit in a FRB, and compare the flat rate with the regular weight-based rates. If there is a significant cost savings to ship via FRB, we will refund the difference between the fee calculated by the shopping cart and the actual shipping costs. (Hint: Notice in all the USPS advertising they never say the FRB saves money, USPS promotes that the FRB is easier and saves the shipper time because the package doesn't have to be weighed and postage doesn't have to be calculated.) Please don't be disappointed if your order cannot ship using an FRB. In many cases either the flat rate costs more than the regular weight-based rate, or your order won't fit in a flat rate box when properly packed. Most people don't realize the "small" FRB won't even hold a paperback book and the "large" FRB will only hold a pair of shoes. FRB international packages (the USPS receipt number starts with LZ) do not provide ANY status information and an inquiry at the USPS website will always return "no record" status. Also, there is no recourse in the event that a flat rate package is lost. Since the USPS cannot track or trace the package, there are no refunds if the flat rate package is not delivered.

Can I pickup my order at your location? - Yes, you can place an order for pickup at our Pompano Beach, Florida location. You must place your order at least one hour in advance. We will accept customer pickup orders up to a maximum of 30 days ahead of the requested pickup date. Use our shopping cart as normal to build your order, select "In Store Pickup" as the shipping option. In the Billing Address section, enter the information associated with your credit card as normal. Note that your order total will include the local 6% State of Florida Sales Tax. Once you have entered your billing information, select "Secure Checkout Using Your Credit Card". Please do NOT checkout with Paypal or Amazon, as your shipping address on record with those payment methods will overwrite the In Store Pickup option. In the Order Comments box on the checkout page write: "Please hold for pickup on date DD-MMM-YYYY." We will charge your card immediately, pull and assemble your order as normal, and place it in our customer pickup area to await your arrival. To enable us to process your order prior to your arrival, please allow at least one hour (longer for DGX Custom items) before picking up. Visit our directions page for information about our location.