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Drysuit Balanced Relief Valves

A critical accessory for any drysuit diver, a relief valve supports a well-hydrated diver, especially on long dives. Without a relief valve, drysuit divers tend to intentionally dehydrate themselves to try to avoid the "urge" during an extended bottom time dive. Yet proper hydration is an important factor in minimizing the risk of decompression sickness. A drysuit relief valve enables you to maintain proper hydration without concern for the consequences.

Light Monkey Tinkle Valve
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Light Monkey Pee Valve Detail

The Light Monkey Tinkle Valve offers the latest features in relief valve design available. Machined of solid Delrin it provides maximum corrosion resistance in fresh or salt water environments. This new low profile size with a minimal diameter of just {1.75 in | 4.4cm} and reduced weight of just {0.3lbs | 0.13kgs} significantly reduces wear and tear on your drysuit and extends suit life. This balanced design with one way mushroom exhaust valve eliminates the old style springs and offers the best 'flow' available with minimal effort. The hollow screw on base of unit controls the duck bill valve and is factory set for optimal performance. A 3/32" allen wrench is used to remove the cap to install which also prevents unwanted removal or loosening. The LM tinkle valve includes { 23 in | 58.4 cm } of kink resistant Norprene tubing with an adaptor that allows it to mate with most condom-style catheters.

One Medium 28mm condom catheter is included to allow for immediate use. Suitable for use with fabric or neoprene suits. No gaskets are required for installation, just apply small amount of appropriate adhesive during installation. We suggest cutting only a very small hole for installation on neoprene suits.

Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve
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Machined from corrosion resistant Delrin, the Dive Rite Relief Valve is equipped with a one-way duckbill so that the tubing is equalized with the air pressure inside the drysuit, which prevents the tubing from becoming crushed and stopping flow. The Dive Rite Relief Valve comes with a balanced pressure equalization kit and { 12 in | 30.5 cm } of kink-resistant tubing. The tubing connects easily to most condom-style male catheters and additional catheters are available at most drug and medical supply stores. The valve is easy to install (the inside and outside gaskets are included), easy to maintain and can provide years of reliable service.

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Light Monkey Tinkle Valve  LM-35.100.004 Light Monkey Tinkle Valve In Stock  $125.00
 LM-35.100.010 LM Tinkle Valve, Quick Disconnect In Stock  $25.00
Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve  DR-EX2775 Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve In Stock Sale! $140.00
 DR-EX2774 DR Relief Valve Rebuild Kit (Delrin Body) In Stock  $11.00
 DR-RP9849 DR Relief Valve-to-Drysuit Inside/Outside Gasket (Two Required) In Stock  $5.00
 DR-RP9932 DR Relief Valve Duckbill In Stock  $6.00

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