diveX Piranha X-Prop

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diveX Piranha X-Prop

diveX Piranha X-Prop
diveX Piranha X-Prop Piranha X Prop Installation

The X-Prop is here after tons of demand from our loyal Piranha divers, and designed to squeeze an average of 14% more power and efficiency out of the original prop system!

The X-Prop is designed with a fixed and lightweight red aluminum hub. The swept blades have been designed to more easily shed kelp and other debris.

With an easy install approach, there is no weight or trim adjustments needed (see video below).

The X-Prop is Piranha-specific and is not compatible with any other Dive Xtras scooters.

After receiving and installing your new Piranha X-Prop, take the time to customize it to your Piranha Tail.

  • First, carefully rotate the X-Prop in your hub.
  • If the X-Prop touches the sides of the shroud, you will need to do some very light trimming on the end of the blades This can easily be achieved with some light grit sandpaper.
  • Do this a little at a time, it is important to leave the blades as close to the shroud as possible without them coming into contact for the most efficiency.
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