Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer Max Blender Kit

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Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer Max Blender Kit is ideal for filling stations that mix Nitrox and Trimix.

Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer Max Blender Kit

Analyzer Display in Air
Analyzer Display in Air In the Storage Case Complete Kit Included Watertight Case Professional Flow Limiter Connecting Hose Ohmmeter and Voltmeter Measuring Cables Spare Parts - Programming Connector and O-Rings Analyzer - Basic Operations Flow Limiters He/O2 Analyzer - Firmware Update
  • Ideal for filling stations that mix Nitrox and Trimix
  • This kit contains the professional flow limiter
  • Powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Connects to a compressor during continuous filling with warning alarms
  • Includes user replaceable (3-pin Molex) Oxygen sensor

Divesoft HE/O2 Analyzer Max Blender Kit is ideal for filling stations that mix Nitrox and Trimix. The analyzer can measure resistance and voltage and can be stored in the supplied waterproof and durable case. This kit contains the professional flow limiter and analyzer is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

The Divesoft He/O2 Analyzer Max Blender Kit is a precise apparatus for blending and measuring oxygen helium concentrations in diving breathing gasses. It is an necessary tool for technical divers using nitrox and trimix mixtures. The analyzer is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability thanks to an innovative solution for measuring helium concentrations. This technology works on the principle of measuring the speed of sound, thanks to which it is never necessary to replace the helium sensor. The analyzer can identify some other gases and mixtures used for diving. In case of a hypoxic mixture without the presence of another inert gas other than nitrogen, it warns you not to breathe such gas through the text “FOUL AIR”. It can also identify argon and in special setting measure its purity (presence of air).

This analyzer uses the standard PSR-11-39-MD style (3-pin Molex) replacement Oxygen sensor. It does ship to you with sensor installed and ready for use.

The Divesoft analyzer has an in-built calculator for mixing gases, it can be connected to a compressor for watching the oxygen concentration during a continuous filling with warning alarms (a relay can also be connected for automatic turning off of the compressor after overreaching critical values), and with the aid of plugs it is possible to measure electrical voltage and resistance. This is useful especially for finding out the state of charging of the diving lights and scooters of for example of the state of a light bulb.

Set includes:

  • Analyzer He/O2
  • Watertight case #8015
  • Professional flow limiter #8021
  • Connecting hose #8009
  • Ohmmeter #8018
  • Voltmeter #8017
  • Measuring cables #8014
  • Power adapter #3026
  • Spare parts #8019

There are a few Videos above for explanation but you may check out all of the Divesoft videos on the Divesoft YOUTUBE Channel.

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Although tolerant of ordinary non-condensing humidity and water resistant, no analyzer is waterproof. Operation of any analyzer in boat spray, even brief immersion in water, or damp storage such as with wet dive gear may cause corrosion of the internal electronics or deposits on the face of the sensor. The result can be erratic operation such as error codes, battery warnings, or possibly inaccurate analysis readings without any indication of a fault. Always operate and store your analyzer in dry conditions, and if you suspect the analyzer has been exposed to wet conditions then discontinue use until the equipment has been serviced.