Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit

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The Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit dive computer is ideal for technical diving with mixed gas and helium mixtures as well as Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diving. This version offers all the features available from Divesoft and includes the ability to communicate directly with your Closed Circuit Rebreather.

Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit

Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit Dive Computer
Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit Dive Computer Connection Cable for Oxygen Sensors Divesoft Freedom Complete Kit Battery Charging Cable and Connection Port
  • Fully Unlocked - Sturdy aluminum body 9-gas Trimix / CCR computer
  • Designed for CCR connection up to 3 oxygen sensors (cable included)
  • Clear OLED screen is easy-to-read in any environment
  • Audio and Vibrating alarms - Ambidextrous display
  • Simple two-button control makes it easy to use even with heavy gloves

The Divesoft Freedom closed circuit computer is the most advanced version of the Freedom decompression computers. It includes all of the functions of the other Freedom computers PLUS it also includes the calculation of decompression for Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR). The Divesoft Freedom CCR version can be connected to as many as three (3) oxygen sensors from your rebreather. For diluent, bailout and open circuit there are up to 9 gas mixtures available, including helium mixtures. This packages includes the required {3.9 ft | 1.2 m} long cable for connection to oxygen sensors (part #DS-8076).

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Brand Divesoft
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    excellent computer for technical diving and rebreather. The price is better than in Europe!!! Our team of technical divers have chosen his main computer.
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