Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness - Small

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The Transpac XT uses a true mountaineer backpack design with integrated hip pads, molded foam lumbar support pad, and ergonomic shoulder pads. Note this is the harness ONLY; see our Transpac BC Packages for a harness and buoyancy control wing.

Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness - Small

Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness
Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness Back View With Tank Straps Dive Rite TransPac XT/Travel XT Package - ScubaLab 60 Seconds
  • Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness, Small
  • For use with Single or Double tanks
  • Mountaineer backpack design with hip pads, lumbar support pad, and ergonomic shoulder pads
  • Includes removable 1.5-inch crotch strap
  • Neutrally buoyant weighs less than 5lbs (2.29kg)

The Transpac XT uses a true mountaineer backpack design with integrated hip pads, molded foam lumbar support pad, and ergonomic shoulder pads. The Transpac XT balances weight across the hips and back, evenly distributing the weight of single or double tanks. The Transpac XT is available in sizes specifically designed for women.

The integrated wrap-around hip pads, made of dual density foam, snugly hug the lower back giving critical support and cushioning. Double-foam shoulder pads fit perfectly beneath the two-inch shoulder webbing to give chafe-free comfort. The molded foam lumbar pad is contoured in all the right places with mesh airflow channels for instant draining topside. Chest-support strap provides ideal load distribution and when used with the removable 1.5-inch crotch strap, provides stability and comfort in the water. Transition plates at the shoulders allow for quick user addition/removal of hardware and finite adjustments.

Sizes X-Small - Medium will include one 2” marine-grade stainless steel D-ring on each shoulder. All sizes come standard with one 2” marine-grade stainless steel D-ring on each side of the waist webbing. Dual 2” cam straps with marine-grade stainless steel buckles are positioned to give plenty of head room for easy maneuvering in the water.

Neutrally buoyant, the TransPac XT weighs less than 5lbs (2.29kg) and packs flat for travel. Optional weight pockets can be mounted easily onto the waist belt. Designed for use with any XT or EXP wing in the Dive Rite line. Made in the USA, the TransPac harness is backed with the Dive Rite Lifetime Warranty.

More Information
Brand Dive Rite
Weight 5.100000

TransPac, TransPlate, and Hydro Lite Sizing

The Dive Rite TransPac harness, TransPlate harness, plus the Hydro Lite BCs are available in a wide range of sizes. While weight and height are a good starting point for determining your size, a perfect fit requires additional information. Please carefully take the actual measurements explained below to make sure you select exactly the right size.

  • Shoulder to Waist Length -- To ensure proper shoulder strap length, measure from a point at the top of the shoulder to a point immediately below the waist, as shown in the accompanying diagram. Be sure to allow for exposure suit thickness.

  • Torso Length -- The Standard lumbar backpad and soft backplate of the Transpac, or the standard metal backplate, is the size that most often fits average build men with back-of-neck measurements greater than { 17 in | 43.18 cm }. XS/Small sizes come with Short lumbar backpads and soft backplates that are { 2 in | 5.08 cm } shorter than those of larger sizes. This is the preferred TransPac and TravelPac sizing for any diver whose back-of-neck to waist measurement is less than { 17 in | 43.18 cm } (a range that includes most women). The TransPlate harness should use a Dive Rite 'short' metal backplate for measurements under { 17 in | 43.18 cm }.

  • Waist -- The waist belt includes waist pads that are in proportion to the length of the shoulder strap. The top edge of correctly positioned waist belt will just cover the navel, not rest lower on the hips or higher on the diaphragm.
Back-of-Neck to Waist Measurements for Standard and Short SizesShoulder Strap Sizing
TransPac TransPlate Hydro Lite Size Shoulder
 to Waist
Torso Waist Weight
Yes  *  * X Small 13 - 16 in Short 24 - 34 in under 90 lb
Yes  *  Yes Small 14 - 17.5 in Short 24 - 34 in 90 - 110 lb
Yes Yes Yes Medium 15 - 18 in Standard 24 - 34 in 110 - 150 lb
Yes Yes Yes Large 17 - 22 in Standard 32 - 42 in 150 - 200 lb
Yes Yes Yes X Large 18.5 - 23.5 in Standard 32 - 42 in 180 - 220 lb
Yes Yes Yes XX Large 22.5+ in Standard 42+ in 220+ lb

Each size has an adjustment range so you may tighten or loosen the shoulder straps and waist belt as needed to provide a perfect fit.

  • XS is suitable for very small women and most children. (less than { 90 lb | 40.82 kg } or less than { 5 ft | 1.52 m })
  • Small is suitable for small women and larger children.
  • Medium is suitable for average sized women, or shorter men.
  • Large is suitable for average sized men.
  • XL is suitable for larger divers or those with a muscular build.
  • XXL is suitable for divers over { 220 lb | 99.79 kg }.

As a starting point for most people, consider what size t-shirt you normally wear. If you wear a mens Large T-shirt, then a Large is probably the best fit. If you wear a mens XL T-shirt, then choose an XL; and so on. If you are 'in between' two sizes then always choose the larger size.

* Frankly, exceptionally short or tall individuals are not good candidates for BCD solutions based on metal backplates. Very short individuals will find the bottom edge of the plate will dig uncomfortably into the bottom of their torso, or the tank(s) will ride too high on their back. Very tall individuals will find the the waist band will either ride much too high on their torso, or the tank(s) will sit too low on their back. We recommend considering a TransPac, which works for ALL singles and doubles, and is available in sizes to fit ANY individual.

TransPac Fit and Adjustment

Watch this two and one-half minute video showing how to select, setup and adjust the Transpac sizing for a proper fit to your body. Also learn tips for tailoring and accessorizing the TransPac to fit your personal styles of diving.

TransPac Fit for Women

Fitting the TransPac for women is different than for men. Watch this three minute video explaining what women should take into consideration when selecting their Transpac size.

TransPac XT Shoulder Strap Adjustment

Watch this two and a half minute video to learn how to quickly lengthen or shorten the TransPac XT shoulder straps for a custom fit without reweaving the webbing.