Dive Rite Slide Lock 250 Primary Reel

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The Dive Rite Slide Lock 250 Primary Reel features a spring loaded and thumb operated lock with positive on/off detents.
Line length specifications on reels are approximate and the diver should confirm actual guideline length before relying on a precise measurement.

Dive Rite Slide Lock 250 Primary Reel

Reel w/ #24 White Line - Front View
Reel w/ #24 White Line - Front View Reel w/ #24 White Line - Back View
  • Sidewinder reel with lock/unlock feature
  • Spring loaded one finger operation switch
  • Anodized aluminum lightweight frame
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • Lifetime replacement warranty on spool

Dive Rite Slide Lock 250 Primary Reel features an injection molded polycarbonate spool with a lifetime replacement warranty against breakage, cracking or warping. The marine grade stainless steel axle and anodized high quality aircraft grade aluminum frame are highly corrosion resistant. The low profile, thumb operated and spring loaded lockdown bolt has positive detents for on and off lock. The included double-eye bolt snap is marine quality 316 stainless steel and the line stop bead is a low profile design. The reel comes pre-loaded with { 250 ft | 76.2 m } #24 line preferred by cave divers in your choice of white or orange nylon.


Size #24 Line Hi-Viz Line Diameter Spool Reel
DR Slide Lock 50 50 ft | 15 m 80 ft | 24 m 3.25 in | 8.3 cm 1.25 in | 3.2 cm 3.0 in | 7.6 cm
DR Slide Lock 140 140 ft | 43 m 180 ft | 55 m 3.25 in | 8.3 cm 2.0 in | 5.1 cm 3.75 in | 9.5 cm
DR Slide Lock 250 250 ft | 76 m 350 ft | 107 m 4.25 in | 11 cm 2.0 in | 5.1 cm 3.75 in | 9.5 cm
DR Slide Lock 400 400 ft | 122 m 550 ft | 168 m 4.25 in | 11 cm 3.00 in | 7.6 cm 4.5 in | 11 cm
All specifications are approximate.

Dive Rite Slide Lock reels offer a couple of unique benefits associated with their design. The Dive Rite spools are held in place with an e-clip, making it a simple matter to remove and replace the spool. This means the diver can inventory spools loaded with several different types of line and quickly swap the line load in order to configure the reel for a specific mission. The design also means it is quick and easy to clear a reel jam by removing the spool. (The Dive Rite reels are not prone to jams, far from it, but we've yet to see the 'jam proof' reel. Reel jams occur regardless of brand or design because the proper function of any reel also depends, in part, on the skill of the user and sometimes just plain bad luck.)

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Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2020
Shipping was fast as usual with DGX, the reel made very well and will last a very long time. Sadly I was only able to use it once as I lost it on the very next dive. The double bolt snap that comes with the reel came loose of the reel end and I had no idea it was missing until after the dive.
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Verified Buyer
Fast and Efficient Reel
Apr 6, 2020
Fast and efficient reel to lay and retrieve lines plus one-handed slide-lock eliminates the pain of thumb screws. Bought this to replace a cheap plastic reel that always faught me (tangled) and finally broke. Dive Rite raised the bar with this reel. Solid and smooth action. Ordered mine loaded with orange dacron line...sure can't miss it when flashlight beam hits it. Came with a stainless double-ender.
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Verified Buyer
Great Reel
Apr 10, 2017
After trying a number of different reels, I settled on this one. It is much less likely to jam and is easier to clear. Ergonomically, it’s easy to use. And it’s light.
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Verified Buyer
Not useful.
Jan 5, 2017
It is hard to use because the line withdrawal port and the lever's stopper position are opposite side.
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