Dive Rite Second Stage O2 Pocket

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The Dive Rite Second Stage Pocket can be used to protect the regulator of a staged cylinder. It can also be used as a shield to help avoid accidental deployment of a decompression regulator below its safe Maximum Operating Depth (MOD). To use, detach the second stage and route the LP hose through the slot in the bottom of the pocket. To deploy, pull the second stage out of the pocket, allowing the hose to slide through and leaving the pocket attached to the cylinder.

Dive Rite Second Stage O2 Pocket

Front View
Front View Back View Covering Stage Bottle 2nd Stage Technical Diving: Second Stage Pocket by Dive Rite
  • Cover and identify your O2 second stage for safety
  • LP hose routes thru opening on bottom of pocket
  • Prevent accidental O2 use at depth
  • Offers multiple mounting options

The pocket is held securely to the cylinder using a bungee loop around the cylinder neck and {1 in | 2.5 cm} nylon strap that is held at the bottom by the clamp of the bottle rigging. A pair of {2 in | 5 cm} wide webbing loops are on the back of the pocket for use with alternate configurations. The low pressure hose on the regulator is routed thru an opening in the bottom of the pocket, allowing for optimal streamlining. The O2 Second Stage pocket is held closed by a panel, and is opened using a pull tab with a {1 in | 2.5 cm} D-ring.

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Brand Dive Rite
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