Dive Rite LX25 Corded Primary Light

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The LX25 LED Corded Primary Light brings a new level of brightness to the LX family of lights.

See Tek Tip below for important advice regarding your choice of NiMH vs Li-Ion battery chemistry.

Dive Rite LX25 Corded Primary Light

DR LX25 Corded Primary Light
DR LX25 Corded Primary Light DR LX25 Corded Primary Sidemount Light DR LX25 Dive Light - 70 Degree and Standard Lids DR LX25 Light Head Rotary Switch DR LX25 Light Head - Top View DR LX25 NiMH Light Battery Connection DR LX25 Li-Ion Light Battery Connection DR LX25 NiMH Light - Inserting Battery Into Cannister DR LX25 NiMH Battery DR LX25 NiMH Battery Charger DR LX25 NiMH Battery Charger - Detail of Back DR LX25 Li-Ion Battery Charger DR LX25 Li-Ion Battery Charger - Detail of Back
  • Offering 30,000 LUX and depth rated to 500 ft
  • Delrin canister body and anodized Aluminum head
  • Rotary ON/OFF switch on the light head
  • Three power outputs - burn time up to 8 hours (low)
  • Choose EITHER Li-Ion or NiMH battery option

The LX25 LED Corded Primary Light brings a new level of brightness to the LX family of lights. Utilizing the latest in microprocessor technology along with the CREE XM-L2 Cool White LED chip and a new reflector, the LX25 combines maximum brightness with maximum efficiency. With 30,000 LUX at approximately 6,500 Kelvin, the LX25’s brightness out does most other corded primary lights on the market today.The LX25’s 6-degree concentrated light beam, reflecting off a polished metal reflector, punches through the water lighting the way with a clean center spot. Its compact design and provided quick release soft hand mount make it ideal for any type of diving requiring a good light source. Activated using a rotary switch on the light head, the LX25 allows divers the ability to mount the battery canister anywhere on their equipment configuration, eliminating the need to be able to reach the canister to activate a switch. With a 500-foot (152 m) depth rating and no switch boot on the canister, the LX25 excels under all the rigors of diving providing proven protection against flooding.

Built around the XM-L2 Cool White LED chip that maximizes output and efficiency, the LX25 has three modes; high power, low power, and strobe. The LX25 is also one of the few dive lights offering the dive a choice of battery chemistry. Making sure each light meets the high standards it was designed under, every light is individually tested and the average LUX is measured at one meter using a Konica Minolta Chroma Meter. An integrated microprocessor control unit monitors battery voltage to keep the light operating at its peak efficiency. As battery voltage drops, light output steps down eliminating the possibility of suddenly being left in the dark due to a dead battery. The light alerts the diver of this step down in light output by a series of flashes, after which, the light produces a lower but still usable lumen output.

NOTE: Do NOT plug the battery into the light head while the battery is not in the canister. Even with the light off, plugging the light in backwards with the polarity reversed can damage the light. Always use a fresh, properly charged battery to achieve rated burn times.

  • Light output: 30,000 LUX
  • Beam angle: 6-degree spot
  • Light color temperature: Approximately 6500 Kelvin
  • Li-ion Battery: 8 volt 6.8 amp 100 watt hour sealed battery.
    • (Meets TSA requirements for Li-ion transport on passenger aircraft.)
    • Li-ion battery burn time - High Power: 7 hours at 30,000 Lux
    • Li-ion battery burn time - Low Power: 11 hours at 13,000 Lux
    • Li-Ion battery burn time - Strobe: 36 hours at 25,000 Lux
    • Li-ion battery burn time - After Step Down: 30 minutes
  • Strobe cycle time: 100ms on then 900ms off
  • Mount: Light Head: Quick release soft hand mount: Canister: Quick belt mount
  • Activation: Rotary magnetic on/off switch
  • Size: Light Head: 2.7 in (6.85cm) length, 2 in. (5.0cm) diameter: Canister: 9 in. (22.88cm) height, 2.6 in. (6.6cm) diameter
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs (1.72kg)
  • Buoyancy: 1.25 lbs. (0.56kg) negative in water
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Weight (lbs) 4.0000
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Rechargeable Battery Chemistry for Dive Lights - Lithium Ion

Dive light batteries have shifted over the years as a result of advances in technology: Ni-Cad, NiMH, and now Li-ion chemistry has replaced previous technology in most rechargeable canister and handheld lights. Lithium-ion is a rechargeable battery technology that offers the advantage of longer burn times and almost zero self discharge, but even with recent advances there are safety concerns with Li-ion chemistry batteries that affect their transport. However, if the individual lithium-ion battery packs in your canister light are rated less than 100 watt-hours, and in some cases less than 160 watt-hours, they are approved for transport in the US on passenger aircraft.

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