Dive Rite Horizontal DC Bellows Pocket w/ Zipper Closure

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Dive Rite Horizontal DC Bellows Pocket w/ Zipper Closure

Dive Rite Horizontal DC Bellows Pocket w/ Zipper Closure

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  • Horizontal pocket w/ zipper closure
  • Std size for waist - XL size for butt mount
  • Designed to fit masks, handheld lights and spools
  • Internal looped lanyard to clip reels and markers
  • Includes Daisy Chain attachment points

You have probably seen daisy chain technology on hiking and mountaineering backpacks. Daisy chains are webbing loops sewn to form a chain. On backpacks, they allow you to attach carabineers for accessories. Dive Rite has taken that concept one step further by developing unique sheaths for cutting devices that will clip into the daisy loops.

Inside the pocket resides a { 36 in | 91 cm } looped lanyard to clip off reels, line markers and pocket lights. No more fumbling for the right tools, just pull out the lanyard, select the tool you need, and stuff the loaded lanyard back in the pocket. Lanyard too long? Simply cut off the excess, shortening the cord, and re-tie the simple knot.

Dive Rite has also added two stainless steel 1-inch D-rings on the back to allow the pocket to be used as a butt mount when sidemount diving or if you just prefer that placement. Hanging behind the diver on the lower back makes good use of an area that is often overlooked.

Available in two sizes, each with an internal depth from { 0.5 in to 2.5 in | 1.3 cm to 6.4 cm }:

  • Standard is approximately { 8.5 in x 5.5 in | 22 cm x 14 cm }
  • Extra Large is approximately { 10.5 in x 6.5 in | 27 cm x 17 cm }
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