Dive Rite DC Vertical Bellows Pocket w/ Velcro Closure

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Dive Rite DC Vertical Bellows Pocket w/ Velcro Closure

Dive Rite DC Vertical Bellows Pocket w/ Velcro Closure

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  • Mount to any standard { 2 in | 5.1 cm } webbing
  • Heavy duty Cordura material
  • Designed to fit masks, handheld lights and spools
  • Internal lanyard to clip off reels, markers and lights
  • Includes Daisy Chain attachment points

Dive Rite DC Bellows Pocket, Vertical, Velcro Closure has daisy chains. You have probably seen daisy chain technology on hiking and mountaineering backpacks. Daisy chains are webbing loops sewn to form a chain. On backpacks, they allow you to attach carabineers for accessories. Dive Rite has taken that concept one step further by developing unique sheaths for our cutting devices that will clip into the daisy loops.

But that's not all. Inside the pocket resides a { 36 in } 91.4 cm }, looped lanyard to clip off reels, line markers and pocket lights. No more fumbling for the right tools, just pull out the lanyard, select the tool you need, and stuff the loaded lanyard back in the pocket. Lanyard too long? Simply cut off the excess, shortening the cord, and re-tie the simple knot.

The bellows pocket is { 10 in x 6 in | 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm } and the internal depth expands from { 0.5 in to 2.5 in | 1.3 cm to 6.4 cm }.

The Dive Rite Bellows Pocket is available as a vertical pocket with either a Velcro closure (AC3202), zipper closure (AC3203) or as a horizontal zipper closure (AC3204). These versatile bellows pockets can be mounted to any standard { 2 in | 5.1 cm } webbing waist belt. The bellows pockets include daisy chain webbing on the external pocket for clipping Z-knives, trauma shears or any tool that you need in easy reach. Cave diving this week? No worries, clip a Z-knife to your pocket. Wreck diving next week? Switch out the Z-knife for a pair of trauma shears or leave them both attached.

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