Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve

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The Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve is easy to add to your drysuit

Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve

DR Balanced Relief Valve
DR Balanced Relief Valve Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve

Machined from corrosion resistant Delrin, the Dive Rite Relief Valve is equipped with a one-way duckbill so that the tubing is equalized with the air pressure inside the drysuit, which prevents the tubing from becoming crushed and stopping flow. The Dive Rite Relief Valve comes with a balanced pressure equalization kit and { 12 in | 30.5 cm } of kink-resistant tubing. The tubing connects easily to most condom-style male catheters and additional catheters are available at most drug and medical supply stores. The valve is easy to install (the inside and outside gaskets are included), easy to maintain and can provide years of reliable service.

NOTE: you must cut a 5/8" size hole for installation of this valve.

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Brand Dive Rite
Weight 0.100000

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Relief Valve on a SucbaPro Exodry
Jan 5, 2017
There is not much info on how to install the valve online so I was a bit nervous but when I received it and looked at the parts I saw it was straight forward. There were no instructions by the way. It came with 2 big rubber gaskets, one for the inside and outside, 2 parts that screw together and the hose assembly. I picked a spot on the upper inner thigh and poked a hole with scissors. I then used the inside piece that has a neck to stretch it out. I probably did’t need to but because the gasket overlapped the thick threads of the suit I made an additional gasket with auto/marine sealant on both sides then screwed everything together including the rubber gaskets. Success! Installed in 20 minutes no leaks on 2 1 hour dives to 95 feet. I would have given it 5 stars but there was no instructions
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