DGX Ultra View Anti-Reflective Mask

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The DGX Anti-Reflective Mask provides a more soothing and comfortable viewing experience.

DGX Ultra View Anti-Reflective Mask

Front View
DGX Ultra View Anti-Reflective Mask DGX Ultra View Anti-Reflective Mask DGX Ultra View Anti-Reflective Mask Front View
  • Anti-reflective optical coating which reduces glare
  • Single lens frameless design w/ wide angle of vision
  • Soft silicone body with a double silicone face skirt
  • Fits most standard to wide faces
  • AR coating blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation

The DGX Anti-Reflective Mask includes a lens with an anti-reflective optical coating technology which reduces glare by filtering shorter wavelengths of the visible spectrum that scatter within the eye. Reducing the shorter wavelengths provides the benefit of highlighting visual distinction and enhancing contrast. The coating also blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation that has been linked to cataract formation and filters some of the blue light spectrum to provide a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience. This single lens frameless design with a double face seal on the skirt fits nearly all Medium to Wide faces. You will see this EXACT mask sold under a variety of different brands. DGX sells it to you at the right price! Matte black color with matte black silicone skirt. Includes the DGX padded mesh mask bag.

What you see is not what they see: The optical coating technology causes an unexpected effect that the view on the surface from the 'outside looking in' is very different from the 'inside looking out'. From the point of view of others looking at the mask on the diver, they will see a reflection that shifts across the color portions of the spectrum depending on the viewing angle. However, looking from the divers point of view, you no longer perceive these tints (the lenses appear to be clear) and your visual perception benefits from the effect of the optical coating.

Science has documented many psychological and physiological factors affecting the perception of color and there are vast differences in the perception of color by different individuals. This was demonstrated in early 2015 with the Internet debate surrounding the question What Color Is This Dress?. Many divers enjoy the benefits of the optical coatings on these specialized masks, but some divers do not see any difference or even actively dislike the effect of the coatings. If you are one of the latter, Dive Gear Express will cheerfully accept your return.

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Customer Reviews
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  1. Bring new pleasure to lake dives.

    By Dan

    on 11 May, 2019

    If you find yourself not wanting the green lake dives and are wanting to hang your fins up, try this mask out. Its awesome and cheap. But not cheap quality. Awesome piece of gear.
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  2. Excellent Mask!

    By Tania D.

    on 18 April, 2018

    Bought this for our son for his 18th birthday. He said it is completely awesome. He loves the way it looks and feels. It doesn't leak or fog up. You cannot beat this mask at this price!
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  3. Good Low Volume Mask - Pass on the Anti-Reflective coating

    By Brian F.

    on 15 October, 2017

    There is nothing about this mask that I found improved upon other masks with regards to visibility. I did not find the glass used to be any better than regular glass used by other mask manufacturers. Anti-reflective coatings are supposed to improve light transmission. The coating on this lens does not do that. Items are darker underwater than with a regular glass and when looking to the side there is a blue-purple "fringing". Perhaps this coating was meant to compliment a pair of Oakley sunglasses at the surface? This coating did nothing to improve vision under water in the quarry. Myself and another evaluator found the silicone body very soft and supple...almost too soft.

    With that said, for $29 you get an acceptable low volume mask that seals well. I would take a pass on the anti-reflective coating as it seems to reduce the light transmission...which is the opposite of what good ARC coatings are supposed to do.
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  4. So far well worth the money.

    By Eric D.

    on 24 October, 2016

    Only four stars because I just got the mask and have only used it once before I was asked to review it. Still working on the fogging and have not taken it out for anything but a check out dive.

    On the check-out dive it worked very well. It is very low profile and the snaps fold in so it can be used as a back-up mask if you wanted to. It was still fogging slightly during this dive so I changed it out after the first dive. However, during the first dive is was a solid, low-profile mask. Good view and very low profile. Once I fix the fog issue (that comes with every new mask) and use it more I believe it can become my main mask with 5-stars.
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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

Don't use toothpaste on modern dive masks, especially those masks that have lenses with optical coatings. You will either damage the optical coating or needlessly waste toothpaste since most modern toothpaste formulations are not at all abrasive. The same goes for using a lighter to 'burn' the lens to prepare a new mask. Dive Gear Express will not warranty masks that have been treated with abrasives or burned with lighters. Most new dive masks do have mold release agents in the flexible skirt that during storage will migrate to the surface of the lens and cause fogging. These deposits can be safely removed with an extra application of a powerful surfactant like baby shampoo, SeaQuick or SeaDrops defog.

Optical Coating Masks Are Not "Cool"

Optical coating masks offer some excellent vision benefits for most experienced divers. However, Dive Gear Express does not recommend optical coating masks for use by instructors or divers who may be diving with an inexperienced buddy. Like mirrored sunglasses, the coatings have a reflective quality that can make it difficult for others to see the eyes of the diver. This can produce an intimidating psychological effect causing the wearer to be perceived as more anonymous and less generous. Instructors know that a reassuring demeanor with students improves their learning capacity, and wearing an optical coating mask can be counter productive to teaching entry level scuba students. Entry level scuba students themselves should not wear an optical coating mask because obscuring the eyes makes it more difficult for the instructor to evaluate the diver condition.


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