1/4 NPT Female to QD Stem

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This fitting enables you to make your own quick connector for international bulk gas supply cylinders that will be compatible with our deluxe hose kits for boosting and transfill.

1/4 NPT Female to QD Stem

1/4 NPT Female to QD Stem
1/4 NPT Female to QD Stem
  • Quick disconnect stem with 1/4 NPT female threads
  • Compatible with the Deluxe Fitting and Hose Kit for Haskel Booster
  • Compatible with the Deluxe Gas Blending and Transfill Kit

Bulk storage cylinders have outlets that vary depending on the standard adopted in the geographic area where the cylinders are located. For example, in North America the CGA standard is almost universally used on Oxygen and Helium portable bulk storage cylinders. The UK and Australia, most of Asia and Middle East, plus a handful of European countries use the BS341 standard. Most countries in the European Union use the DIN477 standard. Unfortunately, there are quite a few different fittings seen in many other parts of the world; we have encountered DISS, JIS and Nf international standard fittings on cylinder valves outside the US.

To make a international compatible quick connector just mate this QD stem fitting with the appropriate nut & nipple for the valve on your bulk supply storage cylinder.

The good news is you can easily make your own quick connector for whatever valve is available on your bulk gas supply cylinder. Valve connector fittings are a two piece assembly referred to as a regulator inlet nut & nipple and are typically available in brass or stainless versions with either wrench flats or a handwheel. Globally, the most reliable low cost local source for the appropriate nut & nipple is your bulk gas supplier, because since they provide the storage cylinder and valve they will also sell the matching nut & nipple. The pipe stem on the other end of the nipple is universally available with 1/4 NPT threads.

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