DGX Gears Glue-On Thigh Pocket

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Easily add deep bellows pockets to your wetsuit or drysuit with the DGX Gears Glue-On Thigh Pocket.
Please note that the pocket does not include adhesive. Aquaseal neoprene adhesive may be ordered separately, or for exposure suits made of tri-laminate or vulcanized rubber you should use a liquid toluene based adhesive.

DGX Gears Glue-On Thigh Pocket

Front View
Front View Back View Velcro Tabs on the Sides Keep the Pocket Flat When Empty Webbing Straps with D-Rings to Attach Tools Expands to { 3.0 in | 7.6 cm } Easily Attach Tools to Inner D-Rings How to Glue On a Glue-On Thigh Pocket
  • Durable ballistic nylon with neoprene back
  • Simply glue on to attach to a wetsuit or drysuit
  • Dimensions { 9 in x 6 in | 22.9 cm x 15.2 cm }
  • Sturdy velcro closure flap is easy to open/close
  • Mesh divider inside with two D-ring lanyards

The DGX Gears Glue-On Thigh Pocket is a large 1680 denier ballistic nylon cargo pocket sewn on 2mm neoprene backing that provides convenient gear storage, with a large hook and loop flap closure to keep items secure and includes stainless steel D-ring on the flap for easy opening. The pockets have two { 4 in | 10.2 cm } webbing straps with { 1 in | 2.5 cm } D-rings to attach tools and an interior mesh pocket, along with five stainless steel grommets for drainage. Hook and loop tabs on the sides keep the pocket flat when empty. The pocket is { 9 in high x 6 in wide | 22.9 cm x 15.2 cm } and the internal depth expands from { 0.5 in to 3 in | 1.3 cm to 7.6 cm }.

Please note that the pocket does not include adhesive. Our recommendation for adhesive to attach the thigh pocket, is dependent on the suit material. For use on rubber and tri-laminate composition suits, we suggest 620 Contact Adhesive. For neoprene suits we find the Aquaseal Adhesive provides the best results, although some divers just use a second application of 620 on neoprene as well.

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How to Glue On Your Glue-On Pocket

Don't even think about trying to guess where to position the pocket, you have very little chance of getting even close. Take the time to put your exposure suit and your BCD on, then mark exactly where you want your pocket. The preferred location would be directly underneath and slightly above where your hand falls naturally on your thigh such that your fingers can reach completely into the bottom of the pocket. Some sidemount divers are now placing the pocket on the back of their thigh.

After marking the location, remove your exposure suit, lay it flat and prepare to attach the pocket using an adhesive. For exposure suits made of tri-laminate or vulcanized rubber you should use 620 Contact Adhesive. For 620 Contact Adhesive, use the applicator brush to evenly apply directly from the can on to the back of the pocket and also to the matching area on the suit. If your suit is neoprene, then you can use Aquaseal. For Aquaseal, using a disposable plastic knife like those found in fast food restaurants or similar instrument, evenly spread an entire 0.75 ounce tube of Aquaseal directly from the tube on to the back of the pocket.

Once the adhesive is applied, carefully place the pocket on to the exposure suit according to your markings. Put some weights, like a large stack of books, on the entire pocket. Allow it to cure for at least 24 hours, 48 is better, and resist the temptation to 'check on it'. It will be permanently attached to your exposure suit, as in you won't ever get it off again.