DGX Custom - OMS AirStream/Evoque Regulator

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The high performance OMS AirStream / Evoque system is the flagship of the OMS line and will accommodate divers at all skill levels.

DGX Custom - OMS AirStream/Evoque Regulator

OMS Airstream/Evoque DIN Regulator
OMS Airstream/Evoque DIN Regulator OMS Airstream DIN 1st Stage - Back OMS Evoque 2nd Stage OMS Yellow Evoque 2nd Stage - Top OMS Evoque 2nd Stage - Side DGX Silver DIN-to-Yoke Spin-on Adapter
  • High performance overbalanced diaphragm first stage
  • Balanced second stage to allow for easy breathing at any depth
  • First stage has 4 LP ports and 2 HP ports angled for hose routing
  • CE certified to EN250 European standards
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready

The OMS high performance AirStream first stage regulator was designed to optimize hose routing. It includes 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports. The development of specialized high pressure ports angled at 45-degrees, keeps gauges closer to the diver’s hips. The 30-degree angled low pressure ports help to ensure optimal trim by guiding hoses to route directly over the diver’s shoulders. The compact design of the Evoque second stage paired with the Airstream delivers a work of breathing (WOB) of .8 joules per liter. OMS designed this system to maximize air flow by simply creating larger passages which provides excellent inhalation and exhalation for the diver. It is also CE certified to EN250 European standards. This regulator will accommodate divers at all skill levels.

  • OMS AirStream DIN First Stage
  • OMS Evoque Second Stage
  • Choice of flex or rubber hose length, plus free DIN regulator cap
  • CE certified to EN250 European standards
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready

This package is assembled by Dive Gear Express using OMS brand first and second stages, together with our flex or rubber hose in your choice of length and also includes a free DIN regulator cap.

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Tek Tip Warning Image WARNING

OMS AirStream Evoque Regulator Safety Recall

The U.S. distributor of the OMS AirStream Evoque Regulator has learned of a potential problem that can rapidly empty the SCUBA cylinder, presenting a risk of drowning while using the OMS AirStream Evoque Regulator. They are aware of two instances where the diaphragm in the first stage has failed, resulting in a free-flow and rapid loss of breathing gas from the SCUBA cylinder. Effective June 14, 2017 dealers have been asked to stop selling all OMS AirStream Evoque Regulators, and notify anyone using it that they should immediately discontinue all use. Please note that this recall applies only to OMS brand AirStream Evoque Regulators distributed and sold in the United States prior to the date of recall.


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