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Petrel 2 Dive Computer by Shearwater Research

> Shearwater Research Petrel 2 Dive Computer (V28)
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Product Manual (PDF)

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Petrel2 w/External Connector The Petrel2 Dive Computer from Shearwater Research of Canada incorporates a powerful feature set, easy to understand menus, easy to read full color display, Bluetooth wireless upload/download and a robust compact case. The Petrel 2 has been designed to accept any type of AA size battery including alkaline, lithium and rechargeables. Out of the box, both Petrel models include open-circuit and closed-circuit Air, Nitrox and Trimix mixed gas functionality. The Petrel2-EXT adds a Fischer 103 I/O port used for external PO2 monitoring of up to three oxygen sensors in a rebreather loop.

The key enhancements for the Petrel 2 include a next generation three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass and bluetooth upgrade to Bluetooth Smart™, for communication with iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. In addition to current Shearwater and third party support for Mac and PC desktop applications, users will now be able to download dives using their iOS devices in conjunction with third party applications.

Both Petrels offer a screen display utilizing a low-power consumption, high resolution QVGA, full color LCD display. The display will automatically adjust intensity based on available light to make the display easily readable whether on the surface in sunlight, in open water or in a cave. The full color display is used to convey additional meaning with the information being displayed. When information is yellow or red, it calls the divers attention to an unusual value or problem. With the large color display, a buddy or instructor can glance at your Petrel2 to determine your status.

The standard Petrel 2 firmware supports english language menus and both imperial/metric units of measure. The manual is available in english, le français (french), deutsch (german), italiano (italian), español (spanish), język polski (polish), and 日本語 (japanese). The Petrel 2 is also available with manual and alternate firmware load supporting both english and 简化字 (simplified chinese) character set menus.

Features of the Petrel 2 Dive Computer

The Petrel 2 is a full decompression dive computer incorporating the Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm, with user configurable Gradient Factors (GF). Gradient Factors allow the diver unique and individual control of their dive computer decompression calculations. An optional PIN upgrade to the Varying Permeability Model (VPM-B and VPM-B/GFS) decompression Petrel 2 side View algorithm is also available. The Petrel 2 includes a richly featured 'gauge mode' configuration, along with a three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass. The included CCR mode for rebreathers provides the ability to perform constant PO2 set point calculations for deco. During a decompression dive, the Petrel 2 provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Petrel 2 can provide time-to-surface based on "look ahead" at planned gas switches. Multiple gas definition presets are supported with any combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The Petrel 2 will NOT "lockout" after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. Watch the video for a brief introduction.

Technical Open-Circuit Features

  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable
  • 5 open-circuit gas switch presets
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors
  • Optional Varying Permeability Model (VPM-B)
  • %CNS oxygen exposure tracking
  • Ascent rate monitor
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read large full color screen
  • Easy to use adaptive menus
  • Water activated and programmable
  • Logbook of last 1000 hours of diving
  • Depth sensor rated to { 450 ft | 137 m }
  • Battery voltage and warning
  • Metric and Imperial
  • Right or left wrist mountable
  • Battery life (Saft 3.6V LS14500) up to 90 hours of diving
  • Battery life (1.5V Alkaline) up to 36 hours of diving

Rebreather Features

  • Constant PPO2 Set Point
  • Automatic Set Point Switching
  • 5 additional CCR Diluent gas presets
  • 2 button push OC bailout
  • EXT model supports External PO2 monitoring
  • Also Supports Semi-Closed


Petrel Back View

  • Three-axis tilt-compensated digital compass
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download
  • User upgradable firmware
  • User changeable battery
  • Dive Log Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Recreational Open-Circuit Features

Key features of the Recreational Open-Circuit mode (aka Recreational Nitrox mode) include a simpler menu structure, less cluttered display with a larger font and configurable bottom row, optional safety stops, and a no-decompression limit dive planner. The simplified settings allow for three breathing gas mixtures (Air or Nitrox) and places a greater emphasis on the maximum operating depth (MOD) and no decompression time limit (NDL). The display prominently warns the diver if their depth is near, at or exceeds the MOD of the selected breathing gas. The diver also simply selects one of three levels of NDL conservatism and during the dive a bar graph turns from green to red as the diver approaches the NDL. An optional 3 minute countdown safety stop starts when the diver reaches shallower than { 20 feet | 6 meters } on the ascent. If the diver exceeds the NDL and requires stops, the display turns red and warns "DECO STOP" with the mandatory depth and stop times.

Petrel 2 Fischer Connector and Cap Included with every Petrel 2 from Dive Gear Express are two elastic straps with buckles, gold contact battery holder and battery already installed (ready to dive out of the box!), USB Bluetooth adapter, mini-CD with Petrel Manual (PDF) and printed Quick Start Guide with instructions for downloading software from the Shearwater Research website. The Petrel 2 also includes a screen protector already installed to help prevent scratches of the display face. The Petrel 2-EXT model adds the Fischer 103 connector, cap, and small bottle of mineral oil. The software includes a complete dive log manager, compatible with both MS Windows and MAC OS X. The dive log manager supports log downloads and firmware updates via the Bluetooth wireless interface of the Petrel. An optional VPM-B unlock code enables using the Varying Permeability Model (VPM-B and VPM-B/GFS) algorithm for calculating decompression.

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Recreational Nitrox Configuration of Shearwater Petrel 2

The Petrel 2 has a technical open-circuit mode and a rebreather mode; both modes support diving with trimix plus options for planned decompression. Recreational sport divers, who dive only air or nitrox within no-stop required time limits, often find the extensive technical diving displays and option menus unnecessary. When set in the recreational open-circuit mode (aka recreational nitrox mode), the sport diver sees only the features and options meaningful to their style of diving. Also, Shearwater has a simplified Petrel 2 Recreational Nitrox User Manual written exclusively for the sport diver audience.

For Petrel 2 owners who perform more than one style of diving, such as instructors, the computer can be easily switched between any of the three modes (recreational open-circuit, technical open-circuit, and rebreather) with no penalty as all decompression calculation data is retained (except when switching to gauge mode).

Zippered Pouch, Padded  w/Shearwater Embroidered Logo
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Zippered Pouch, Padded w/Shearwater Embroidered Logo URL for this product

Shearwater Zippered Pouch Help protect your Shearwater dive computer with their custom made zippered pouch.

  • Thickly padded with adjustable length carry strap
  • Black with blue embroidery of Shearwater logo
  • Nylon with non-corroding zipper closure
  • Dimensions: { 4 in X 4 in X 2.5 in | 10 cm X 10 cm X 6 cm }
  • Perfect fit for the Petrel dive computer

Upgrade to VPM Deco Algorithm



Product Manual (PDF)

Upgrade to VPM Deco Algorithm URL for this product

This software feature upgrade allows any Shearwater Petrel, NERD or Predator model dive computer to be switched between a choice of VPM-B, VPM-B/GFS or Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors decompression modeling algorithms. The VPM upgrade is supported only by the current firmware version of your computer and only when set in technical open-circuit or rebreather modes (i.e. recreational open-circuit mode is always Bühlmann.) Please supply your Serial Number in the shopping cart or if ordering the upgrade along with a new computer, just enter "WITHORDER" as the Serial Number. An unlock code to enable the feature in the firmware is returned to you via E-mail within 72 hours.

The unit serial number (eight hexadecimal digits) and firmware version number are shown in the information displays (aka status screens) of your Shearwater dive computer. Repeatedly pressing the Select Button (Right), from the main display, will cycle through the various information screens. See the user manual for more information. Note that the serial number is NOT the CE certification EN13319 engraved on the side of the case.

The Varying Permeability Model (VPM) is a decompression algorithm that attempts to predict the behavior of bubbles within the human body during decompression. Compared to typical Bühlmann profiles, VPM dive profiles often have deeper initial stops that are believed to reduce bubble formation, along with reduced time at shallow depths. VPM-B (a version that includes adjustments for Boyles Law effects) is popular among the technical diving community for use in calculating dive tables with required stops. The algorithm was initially developed by David Yount based on laboratory observations of bubbles under pressure and coded into Fortran by Erik Baker. Shearwater Research has implemented VPM-B according to the original Erik Baker Fortran specification. VPM-B allows a conservatism factor to be adjusted over a range of 0 (least conservative) to +5 (most conservative), the default is +3. In addition to implementing the Baker reference version, Shearwater Research has added an enhanced version because some divers believe the reduced shallow depth stop times may be too short for lengthy VPM-B profiles. The Gradient Factor Surfacing (GFS) option adds conservatism to the shallow stops on dives with significant decompression requirements (dives with total required deco exceeding an hour.) The GFS option is a hybrid that automatically chooses the decompression ceiling from the more conservative of the VPM-B profile and a Bühlmann ZHL-16C profile. For the Bühlmann profile a single gradient factor is used, adjustable over a range of 70% (most conservative) to 99% (least conservative), the default is 90%.

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Gradient Factors

Gradient factors are the most popular method of implementing user selectable decompression profiles in technical dive computers. Gradient factors allow the diver some control of the initial stop depths and times of required decompression dives. If you aren't familiar with theory and practice of gradient factors, we suggest taking a few minutes with GRADIENT FACTORS by Matti Anttila, Ph.D. Originally published in 2007 for the IANTD Tech Diving Encyclopedia, this informative article gives excellent insight into understanding decompression theory and gradient factors.

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