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DG03 Dive Computer and Digital Gauge

DG03 w/FREE Dry Box
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DG03 w/FREE Dry Box URL for this product

Recently UPDATED with Version 1B Firmware

Hollis DG03 Complete Package The DG03 is a feature rich three gas nitrox Dive Computer (each of the three gases may be defined as Air, Nitrox, or 02 up to 100%) which also includes modes for use as a Digital Gauge and Free Diving. Manufactured excusively for Dive Gear Express by Hollis, the DG03 offers an excellent easy-to-read LCD display with backlight. The DG03 provides information on no-decompression and decompression times, nitrogen and oxygen absorbtion and elimination during all dive phases. It allows you to switch between three different breathing gas mixtures during the dive, enabling accelerated decompression. As a Nitrox decompression computer the DG03 uses an algorithm based on Bühlmann ZH-L16c with modification to support deep stops.

The DG03 from Dive Gear Express includes a FREE lens protector cover and FREE dry box with foam padding. The optional DSS Elastomeric Bungee Mount securely retains the DG03, is very low profile, makes it easier to don than a buckled strap, and is depth compensating. The DG03 also supports wireless gas pressure integration with tracking gas pressures in up to 3 different tanks (optional transmitters required.)

DG03 Dry Foam Box
  • Manual or automatic activation upon descent.
  • On the surface, displays a minimum of date, time and temperature when activated.
  • To conserve battery life, will enter the “Sleep” mode after several minutes of inactivity.
  • Uses easily accessible and highly reliable push buttons instead of exposed electrical contacts.
  • Can be programmed to monitor exposure to up to three different Nitrox gas mixtures during a dive, programmable for mixtures ranging from air (21%) to oxygen (100%). Underwater, users can switch between mixes at the push of a button.
  • Capable of functioning up to a depth of { 399 ft | 120 m } when in dive computer or gauge mode.
  • Automatically adjusts for altitudes up to { 14,000 ft | 4,270 m }.
  • Displays a variety of data underwater including: date, time of day, current and maximum depths, no-decompression dive time elapsed and remaining, and water temperature.
  • Displays data specifically related to the use of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) including: fraction of oxygen (FO2) setting, partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), and an oxygen limit index (OLI) representing the cumulative effect of a diver’s exposure to elevated PO2s (the theoretical “CNS clock”) as a bar graph.
  • Through a combination of audible and visible alarms, helps to alert the diver to a number of possibly hazardous situations including: violation of ascent rate, no decompression state, and whether mandatory decompression stops are necessary or if the diver has ascended above a mandatory stop ceiling.
  • Nitrox specific warnings occur when the diver approaches or exceeds PO2 limits for all mixtures, and when cumulative exposure to elevated PO2s exceeds recommended limits.
  • Can be programmed to display data in imperial or metric units.
  • Dive depth can be displayed in fresh or salt water equivalents.
  • Back light to illuminate the screen, which can be turned on with the touch of a button.
  • Memory capability enables it to hold and display log data on up to 24 dives.
  • Widely available CR2450 user changeable 'coin' type battery lasts approximately 2 years. Battery change will not cause loss of dive log history data, however Dive Gear Express does not recommend relying upon decompression stop times for dives with in 24 hours following a battery change.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
Even today, with the popularity of technical dive computers, we still carry backup tables and many divers are seeking a solution for a good digital gauge. We suggest you consider the DG03, not as a dive computer, but in gauge mode as a digital gauge. The DG03 has a large backlit display with very easy-to-read numbers. In gauge mode, the DG03 displays a variety of gauge data underwater including: current and maximum depths, dive time elapsed, and water temperature along with a variety of depth and ascent rate alarms.

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A Battery Warning Means You Are Diving On Borrowed Time!

The nature of the lithium chemistry batteries used to power virtually all dive computers and digital bottom timers on the market has important consequences to battery life and in particular to battery warnings. That is because while lithium chemistry batteries have a very long life, it is extremely difficult to detect when they are nearing end-of-life. Lithium batteries often change from delivering full power to nearly dead in a very short time. Detecting the end-of-life is made even more unpredictable in dive computers, because they draw very little power at the surface but the power requirement increases significantly when diving.

In our experience many different brands and models of dive computers and digital bottom timers, without warning, become very erratic as a result of reaching near end-of-life on the battery. Sometimes an instrument will issue a battery warning during the dive, but on the surface after the dive the battery warning may clear. Sometimes, the first symptom instead of a battery warning might be an inaccurate depth reading which will result in inaccurate decompression times or other bizarre readings. Just to be clear, this problem is associated with the battery chemistry, not the instrument, and is true regardless of the brand name.

  • Learn what the battery warning indication is for your dive computer or digital bottom timer.
  • Never begin a dive with an instrument showing a battery warning.
  • Always have a backup should your primary instrument fail, either a second computer or a bottom timer and tables.
  • If you notice a battery warning during the dive, do NOT trust the instrument accuracy, switch to your backup solution.
  • Best practice is to occasionally compare the primary instrument to the backup, in case there is no battery warning.
  • Change the battery at the minimum factory recommended interval for your brand and model, regardless of number of dives.
  • Our recommendation is to change the 'coin' type lithium batteries annually.
Don't have a backup depth and time solution? The DG03 is a reliable backup solution that is also affordable.

HP Wireless Transmitter for DG03
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HP Wireless Transmitter for DG03 URL for this product

Hollis DG03 and Wireless Transmitter This small wireless transmitter screws in to the high-pressure (HP) port of a first stage regulator and can communicate with the dive computer to allow them to display the cylinder gas pressure (in PSI or BAR) without the use of the typical HP hose. This feature is often referred to as hoseless 'air integration' but since the dive computers are capable of handing a variety of breathing gases the term air integration is a misnomer.

Each transmitter has its own unique ID and up to three transmitters can be linked to a DG03 computer. The transmitter is charcoal in color, rated for depth up to { 330 ft | 100 m }, and has a user replaceable CR2 battery. As supplied, the transmitter is suitable for use with any breathing gas mixture including 100% oxygen.

HP Wireless Transmitter

An antenna inside the dive computer receives the signals when it is positioned within { 72 in (6 ft) |1.8 m } of the transmitter and within a zone parallel or at a 45 degree angle to the transmitter. Best reception is achieved when the dive computer and transmitter are within { 3 ft | 0.9 m } of each other. During a dive you may at times move the dive computer so that is out of the signal pattern of the transmitter, resulting in a temporary interruption of the link. The link may also be interrupted if the dive computer is within { 3 ft | 0.9 m } of a running DPV or after a strobe light flashes. The link will be restored within 4 seconds after the dive computer is reoriented, moved back into range, or the interference clears. For technical diving, Dive Gear Express recommends following the best practice of also including a standard analog SPG on the regulator as a backup.

DSS Bungee Mount for DG03 w/cord
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DSS Bungee Mount for DG03 w/cord URL for this product

Hollis DG03 in Bungee Mount - Back and Front

The DSS Elastomeric Bungee Mount securely retains the DG03, is very low profile, makes it far easier to don than a buckled strap, and is depth compensating. The tough elastomeric material, remains flexible at low temperatures and the download interface cable can be attached without removing the DG03 from the mount. The photos show only one bungee lacing method, many more are possible. Our version includes the bungee (aka shock cord).

USB Interface Cable for DG03
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USB Interface Cable for DG03 URL for this product

USB Interface Cable Connected to Hollis DG03 The DG03 Dive Computer and Digital Gauge includes a data interface for download of logged information using PC compatible software and this optional USB to dive computer cable. The interface software included with the DG03 (and also available from the Hollis Gear Support Webpage)along with this cable is used to download and view the information in the DG03 log. Software is PC Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/Me/XP/Vista and Windows 7 & 8. The following DG03 log information may be viewed with the interface software: Ambient Temperature, Ascent Rate, Bottom Time, Date and Times of the Dive, Surface Interval Depths and Maximum Depth, Decompression Status, Descent Rate, Dive number.

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DG03 w/FREE Dry Box  HG-204.2360P DG03 w/FREE Dry Box
In Stock  $249.00
HP Wireless Transmitter for DG03  HG-204.2304 HP Wireless Transmitter for DG03 In Stock  $329.95
DSS Bungee Mount for DG03 w/cord  DSS61008 DSS Bungee Mount for DG03 w/cord In Stock  $19.95
USB Interface Cable for DG03  HG-204.8489 USB Interface Cable for DG03 In Stock  $99.95
DG03 Lens Protector, replacement  HG-17857 DG03 Lens Protector, replacement On Order  $1.75
DG03 Battery Removal Tool, replacement  HG-17964 DG03 Battery Removal Tool, replacement In Stock  $1.75

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