Chimera Valve™

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The Chimera Valve™ is a major new advancement in technology for mixed gas divers.

By adjusting the green and black knobs you can control the gas mixture delivered from the cylinder valve outlet. Turning the black knob adjusts the amount of total gas flow, turning the green oxygen clean knob adjusts the amount of oxygen in the gas mixture. Never again will you be caught with the wrong mix in your tank! The 225-Bar DIN valve outlet includes a removable insert for use with both DIN and conventional yoke regulators. Introduced on April 1st and designed by Mr. Peter Pan , the Chimera Valve is Nitrox Ready and fully compatible with our famous Etherfill 5000. See photo inset above of Mr. Pan † of Well Marine Diving (WMD) in Taiwan.

Coming Soon: the AjnaChakra Valve for Trimix will allow you to adjust both the helium and oxygen.

† That's no joke... Pan is really his last name, that really is his picture, WMD really is his company, and he really did create the valve. His daughter, Phoenix, gave him his "english" first name of Peter. He is a really nice guy, with a great sense of humor, who makes all our superb quality DGX valves.

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Opening the green knob on the Chimera Valve™ such that the mixture exceeds 40% oxygen content requires your regulator first stage be suitable for oxygen service. Also, please wash your hands with soap before touching the green knob. Seriously, handling oxygen is NO JOKE; every year there are injuries or fatalities resulting from improper handling of compressed oxygen gas.


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