C-Bite Soft Mouthpiece

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The C-Bite mouthpiece design does not require as much bite pressure to stay in place so it can noticeably reduce the jaw fatigue some divers experience when holding the regulator in their mouths for extended periods.

This C-Bite differs from the Aqualung® Comfo-Bite and our C-Bite+ version in that this C-Bite (without the plus) is a made from a much softer grade of silicone.

C-Bite Soft Mouthpiece

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  • Comfort Bite Mouthpiece - Black
  • Design does not require much bite pressure
  • Reduces jaw fatigue
  • Hypoallergenic very soft flexible black silicone
  • Includes a low-profile tie wrap

The design offers a very soft piece that lays flat against the roof of your mouth during the dive eliminating the need to "bite" down hard to keep it in place. Available in a hypoallergenic very soft flexible silicone, we also include a tie wrap that lays very flat to attach the mouthpiece to your second stage. This is a very soft mouthpiece that is appropriate for standard to small size mouths ONLY. (If you want the more popular FIRM version see the C-Bite+ with the plus.)

The C-Bite mouthpiece fits all brands of regulators we sell and modern models of most other brands, except Poseidon. The fit on some very old models from the 70's and 80's with slightly smaller openings such as the old Aqualung metal second stage bodies are a bit loose and you should use a standard tie wrap pulled very tight or a SeaCure #1 mouthpiece. We do NOT suggest this for use with any rebreather.

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