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Nomad Sidemount BC System by Dive Rite

Dive Rite offers two different versions of the Nomad: the LTZ and the XT.

Sidemount isn't just for cave divers anymore and neither is the Dive Rite Nomad system. The Nomad systems are popular with technical divers for their trim characteristics as well as open water divers wishing to transition into technical diving down the road. The Nomad is a complete harness, butt plate and wing system. Utilizing the harness and butt plate hard points, tanks are attached with a strap and bungee system that allows primary, stage, deco and bailout tanks to ride closely at the diver's side, yet not be jammed under the arms. The very compact design, that minimises lift at the neck, also makes the Nomad perfect as an extended range diving harness and wing for use with doubles and rebreathers.

The Nomad XT is a versatile modular system assembled from separate components: TransPac XT Harness, Nomad XT butt plate, and Nomad XT wing. The Nomad XT wing features the SuperFabric® technology for maximum abrasion resistance. The Nomad XT can be worn with backmount single tanks and doubles, as well as rebreathers. The non-modular Dive Rite Nomad LTZ is the lightest and most streamlined Nomad. The LTZ is designed strictly for sidemount diving and will not adapt to backmount tanks.

Sidemount diving is rapidly evolving and we are often asked if our Nomad inventory is the most current version available from Dive Rite. The answer is YES, Dive Gear Express is the worlds largest Dive Rite dealer and our Nomad inventory is fresh. We always take care to be sure your Nomad order ships with the latest version available from the Dive Rite factory.

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Dive Rite Nomad LTZ Back

Introduced in Fall 2014: With 35 lbs (15.8 kg) of lift and a low profile design, the Dive Rite Nomad LTZ sidemount system performs well in all types of sidemount diving. The extremely durable exterior SuperFabric material is resistant to the elements of diving. With the inflator and exhaust valves placed on the front/inside of the wing and not on the exterior, the valves are safe and free from exposure. The combined shape and contour of the bladder create lift while achieving optimum trim.

An integrated deluxe-style webbing harness using pivot rings on the shoulders, provides a comfortable and customizable fit for nearly any size diver. The SuperFabric shoulder straps provide added durability from abrasions along with a channel on the left shoulder strap for the exhaust valve’s pull cord, allowing for easy access. The cross-chest strap and a 2-inch (5 cm) padded crotch strap holds the harness securely in place, preventing unwanted shifting or movement of the harness no matter what type of diving you’re doing. With the valves on the front/inside of the wing, the corrugated inflator hose routes from the bottom/right of the wing up the diver’s side and secures to a D-ring located on the right shoulder strap. A second dump valve is located on the bottom, left corner of the wing. The versatility of the Nomad LTZ allows you to customize it to your preference. The corrugated inflator hose and left-side dump valve can be used on either side of the wing by simply unscrewing each valve and swapping positions. A third dump valve is located on the top/inside of the wing with a pull cord routed down the left shoulder strap. There are multiple, easy access points to vent air from the wing with either hand.

The Dive Rite exclusive ring bungee and tank neck choker system, included, provide a secure and efficient method for mounting sidemount cylinders to the Nomad LTZ. The ring bungee can be lengthened or shortened simply by moving the connection point of the bungee on the daisy chain loops located on the inside of the Nomad LTZ. The butt plate, made of reinforced nylon to provide the proper amount of rigidity to hold tanks in position and eliminate sag along with two stainless steel handles, provides the lower attachment point for cylinders.

The Nomad LTZ is a 'one size fits all' design that can be adjusted to fit everyone including small women and very broad-chested men. It comes standard with a { 12 in | 30 cm } corrugated inflation hose with a plain elbow, plus two ring and loop bungees w/medium snaps and chokers. An optional backup bladder is available for divers needing a redundant source of buoyancy.

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Product Manual (PDF)

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Nomad XT BC - Back Built with the explorer in mind, the Nomad XT Sidemount system is made with a super-tough exterior engineered using SuperFabric® brand technology for optimum resistance to punctures and abrasions, while remaining very flexible. In addition to its rugged exterior, the Nomad XT has the added benefit of being a modular system: the harness, wing, buttplate and crotch stap are all separate elements. This allows the traveling explorer (or any diver wishing to modify their rig) the ability to trade out wings, remove the buttplate or make any fit adjustments necessary to meet the objective of the dive mission.

The Nomad XT Sidemount system comes assembled and includes a TransPac harness, XT Buttplate, Nomad XT wing ({ 50 lb | 22.68 kg }) with a { 16 in |
40.64 cm } corrugated hose, a plain elbow, a { 22 in | 55.88 cm } low pressure BC inflation hose, and a { 2 in | 5.08 cm } crotch strap, plus two ring and loop bungees w/medium snaps and chokers. Note: To order dual bladder wing upgrade, see pricelist below.

Recently Updated, the Nomad XT has a new shape, giving the diver improved trim where its most needed for sidemount. The top portion of the wing no longer has a middle panel and is much narrower, while the bottom of the wing has a slight flare as compared to the previous model, providing more lift at the hips and less at the head. The inflator has been moved to the center of the wing, while an additional OPV has been added on the right side, allowing divers to switch the inflator and OPVs if they choose. When switching the pull dump to the shoulder, divers like to customize the cord length. Dive Rite now offers the Nomad with a {25 in | 64 cm} long pull string and ball so divers can select their own custom length. The video at left illustrates some of the new updated Nomad features in greater detail.

Nomad streamlining is achieved by integrating the special Nomad wing with the TransPac® harness through wing keepers that hold the wing low across the back to reduce drag. Proper trim comes from the longer wing and a Gusset Control System (GCS) cord that is woven through tabs on the front face of the wing. The GCS cord is positioned on the upper portion of the wing, forcing the lower part of the wing to inflate preferentially, keeping lift around the divers hips where it is needed.

The Nomad wing dual upgrade incorporates two bladders to provide back-up inflation. The dual option is ideal for technical divers who dive wet and do not have a drysuit as alternate buoyancy, or for any diver who wants to ensure their backup buoyancy has the same lift capacity as their primary. The Nomad's unique bladder design allows a single bladder wing to be altered (at the factory) to become a dual bladder wing at a later date, or it can be initially purchased as a dual bladder wing.

Harness Sizing with Nomad

The harness is available in a wide range of sizes. While weight and height are a good starting point for determining your size, a perfect fit requires addtional information. Please carefully take the actual measurements explained below to make sure you select exactly the right size. Be sure to allow for exposure suit thickness. Keep this in mind if your measurement is near the higher end of the range for a particular size. The Nomad XT system is designed using a standard size backpad for the Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large size. The Nomad LTZ system is a 'one size fits all' design that can be adjusted to fit everyone including small women and very broad-chested men.

IMPORTANT: For true sidemount cave diving, most cave divers prefer a loose fit for their harness. If you intend to use your Nomad for sidemount cave diving, you should seriously consider stepping up to the next size in the guide below unless you are at the smaller end of a specific size range. However, if you are sidemount diving in open water, then follow the Dive Rite sizing guide below as appropriate.

  • Shoulder to Waist Length -- To ensure proper shoulder strap length, measure from a point at the top of the shoulder to a point immediately below the waist, as shown in the accompanying diagram. Be sure to allow for exposure suit thickness.

  • Torso Length -- The Standard lumbar backpad and soft backplate is the size that most often fits average build individuals with back-of-neck measurements greater than { 17 in | 43.2 cm }. If your measurement is significantly less than { 17 in | 43.2 cm }, a small Nomad can be custom sewn by Dive Rite, contact us for availability and pricing.

Shoulder Strap Sizing  Back-of-Neck to Waist Measurements for Standard and Short Sizes

Size Shoulder to Waist Torso Waist Weight Height
Medium 15 - 18 in Standard 24 - 34 in 110 to 150 lb 5 to 6 ft
Large 17 - 22 in Standard 32 - 42 in 150 to 200 lb 5 to 6 ft
X Large 18.5 - 23.5 in Standard 32 - 42 in 180 to 220 lb 5 to 6 ft
XX Large 22.5+ in Standard 42+ in 220+ lb 5 to 6 ft

Size Shoulder to Waist Torso Waist Weight Height
Medium 38.1 - 45.7 cm Standard 61 - 86.4 cm 49.9 to 68 kg 1.5 to 1.8 m
Large 43.2 - 55.9 cm Standard 81.3 - 106.7 cm 68 to 90.7 kg 1.5 to 1.8 m
X Large 47 - 59.67 cm Standard 81.3 - 106.7 cm 81.7 to 99.8 kg 1.5 to 1.8 m
XX Large 57.2+ cm Standard 106.7+ cm 99.8+ kg 1.5 to 1.8 m

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Dive Rite Nomad LTZ Sidemount BC  DR-BC4545 Dive Rite Nomad LTZ Sidemount BC In Stock  $499.00
Dive Rite Nomad LTZ Sidemount BC w/DUAL Bladder  DR-BC4545-DUAL Dive Rite Nomad LTZ Sidemount BC w/DUAL Bladder In Stock  $599.00
Nomad XT System, Medium  DR-BC4650P-M Nomad XT System, Medium In Stock  $699.00
Nomad XT System, Large  DR-BC4650P-LG Nomad XT System, Large In Stock  $699.00
Nomad XT System, X-Large  DR-BC4650P-XL Nomad XT System, X-Large In Stock  $699.00
Nomad XT System, XX-Large  DR-BC4650P-XXL Nomad XT System, XX-Large 2-3 Days  $699.00
Upgrade Nomad XT to Dual Aircell (Requires Order for Nomad)  DR-BC4550-DUAL Upgrade Nomad XT to Dual Aircell (Requires Order for Nomad) 2-3 Days  $160.00

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