Tail Trim Weight Pouch

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The Tail Weight Pouch can be used to easily attach weight to the bottom of a backplate. This version has an oversized {0.75 in | 1.9 cm} grommet hole.

Tail Trim Weight Pouch

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Top View Grommet Size Comparison
  • OVERSIZED Grommet hole {0.75 in | 1.9 cm}
  • Add additional weight at the bottom of a hard backplate
  • Precisely adjust the amount of weight you add based on your needs

If you are an experienced diver, you know sometimes things don't go as planned. In this case, the supplier was supposed to make these using the typical size #3 grommet with a hole size of approximately 1/2-inch. Unfortunately, they somehow got made using a size #6 grommet with a hole size of approximately 3/4-inch. These will still work for most applications but are simply not as expected. The supplier made us an offer we couldn't refuse to take them as is. If you are willing to accept the oversized grommet hole this trim weight pouch is a terrific value.

The Tail Weight Pouch is designed for divers using backplates who find that they need additional weight at the bottom of the plate. The pouch will hold up to
{ 6 lb | 2.7 kg } of lead shot, and the 2-way Velcro® closure guarantees a secure seal. If you prefer to use hard or soft weights, the wide opening of the mouth allows insertion of up to { 5 lb | 2.3 kg }. The pouch can be attached to the bottom tank band, between the cylinder and the wing, with the cylinder band bolts or with a metal assembly screw and washer.

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