DGX Adapter: 3/8-Inch F = BC Inflator QD Post

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BC inflator hose routing for sidemount diving is easier to manage with this quick disconnect adapter. This allows two standard BC inflator hoses to be 'daisy chained' together with a BC quick disconnect fitting.

The 3/8-inch female end screws on to the 3/8-inch male end of an ordinary BC inflator hose, and the other end of the adapter is standard BC inflator male QD post that plugs into the typical BC inflator QD female slide lock Schrader valve fitting. When used in combination with a short low pressure inflator hose routed from the first stage of the left side cylinder, the low pressure inflator hose running to the power inflator is easily attached, allowing for a streamlined, over the shoulder routing of the inflator hose. The over the shoulder configuration makes the power inflator lie flat on the diver's chest and becomes easier to manage.

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    BCD LP Adaptors



    Great Adaptors to make any LP hose into a longer daisy chain set up also to make it a complete quick connect set up for sidemount diving works with the thread 3/8 end
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