DGX First Stage Regulator w/OPV and HP Port

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The DGX First Regulator w/OPV is a compact first stage flow through piston regulator that can be used on any 200 BAR DIN valve.

DGX First Stage Regulator w/OPV and HP Port

DGX Inflation Regulator w/OPV and HP Port
DGX Inflation Regulator w/OPV and HP Port DGX Inflation Regulator w/OPV and HP Port
  • Compatible with any 200 BAR DIN valve
  • Flow through piston first stage with an IP of 120 psi
  • Measures {3 in | 7.6 cm} tall - weighs {12 oz | 0.3 kg}
  • Three LP 3/8-inch ports - one HP 7/16-inch port
  • Includes OPV (Over Pressure Valve)

Nitrox Ready and suitable for use with air or argon, the DGX First Regulator has a depth compensating flow through piston first stage with an intermediate pressure of 120 psi and includes an over pressurization relief valve.

Primarily intended for use in inflation and light SCUBA applications such as oxygen decompression, this first stage provides unusually good performance for such a compact and inexpensive system.

Measuring only { 3 in | 7.6 cm } tall and weighing just { 12 oz | 0.3 kg }, the regulator offers three standard size low pressure 3/8-inch ports (one is used by the OPV), one standard size high pressure 7/16-inch port, and comes standard with a 200-BAR DIN connector.

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SKU DX-701022A
Brand DGX
Weight (lbs) 1.0000
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Piston vs Diaphragm... Does it really matter?

At the risk of annoying those who do have a preference for a specific type of first stage design, the simple answer for most divers is NO the design type of the first stage does not matter. Piston type first stages are simpler designs with a lower parts count and thus generally considered to be more reliable. Because environmental sealing is easier and more effective for diaphragm type regulators, they are generally considered better suited to cold water or dirty water diving. Keep in mind that much of the opinion often heard expressed is a result of theoretical considerations or manufacturer marketing, not based on the actual characteristics of modern scuba regulators. Today, both piston and diaphragm first stages are very reliable and high performance balanced versions of both designs can flow more gas than the diver can breathe.

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