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The Hollis Gear LED 25W Dive Light is a durable canister dive light offering the tight focus beam with a lot of punch that is preferred for exploration diving. Powered with a Lithium-ion Polymer Rechargable Battery, the LED 25W light burns at 1250+ lumens of brightness for 8 hours. The single 25W LED offers the advantage of very long 20,000 hour life and the 8° beam width. The sidemount version features a canister lid with cord attached at a 90° angle. The sidemount version also includes both a belt mount and stainless clamps and d-rings hardware for use with quicklinks to butt mount. The Hollis LED 25W light head mates with the TTI-1005 mounting bracket if you prefer to attach it on a helmet.

LED 25W Light Head
  • 25W LED with 1250+ Lumen light output @5600°K
  • Lithium-ion Polymer Battery with 8 hour burn time
  • Dry Weight: { 5 lb | 2.3 kg }, Buoyancy: { - 2.5 lb | - 1.13kg }
  • Delrin canister body with aluminum head
  • Goodman handle is standard
  • Dry lid and battery are sealed to prevent water intrusion
  • Maximum Operating Depth: { 500 ft | 152 m }
  • Canister Length: { 7.25 in | 18.4 cm }, Diameter: { 2.75 in | 7 cm }
  • Light Head Length: { 3.5 in | 9 cm }, Diameter: { 1.75 in | 4.4 cm }

The Hollis Gear LED light canister body is made from a solid block of Delrin with two stainless-steel clamps and a nylon webbing belt loop. Locking latches are used to help prevent accidental opening of a latch under water. The battery is sealed into the canister with two female power connectors and provides power to the head through a pair of matching male connectors embedded in the lid. The system has a provision for closing the lid such that the contacts are electrically isolated for travel. The canister lid also contains the canister o-ring, environmentally sealed on/off switch, boot and switch guard. The dry lid is completely sealed providing protection from water intrusion due to a cut cord or switch boot. There are sealing glands that include strain relief at both ends of the power cord.

The Hollis Gear LED canister lights use a Lithium rechargable battery that has a high energy density, very good cycle life and is environmentally friendly. In addition, LiPo batteries can be stored for several months without significantly losing charge. The included Universal Lithium Chemistry Smart Charger automatically adjusts to 110/220V current and 50/60Hz frequency. A US power cord is included with other cords available. The batteries of both lights contain less than { 25 g | 0.88 oz } of lithium and, when stored in the electrically isolated lid position, does not have any TSA travel restrictions.

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Hollis LED 25W Light and 8-Hour Burn Time  HG-206.2002 Hollis LED 25W Light and 8-Hour Burn Time In Stock  $1,149.95
Hollis LED 25W Light w/Sidemount lid and 8-hour Burn Time  HG-206.2002.90 Hollis LED 25W Light w/Sidemount lid and 8-hour Burn Time In Stock  $1,149.95
  LED Dive Light Accessories  
Canister Mounting Strap Only  DR-AC3010 Canister Mounting Strap Only In Stock  $11.50
 HG-206.2021 Hollis Goodman Handle In Stock  $44.95
Power Cord, Australia  DX-809001 Power Cord, Australia In Stock  $6.30
Power Cord, Europe  DX-809002 Power Cord, Europe In Stock  $6.30
Power Cord, British  DX-809003 Power Cord, British In Stock  $6.30
Power Cord, U.S.A.  DX-809004 Power Cord, U.S.A. In Stock  $6.30

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