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Authorized Dealer

Aerospace Lubricants
Analytical Industries, Inc
Atomic Aquatics
Caig Laboratories
Dive Rite™
Faber Cylinders (Blue Steel)
Faber Cylinders (Sea Pearls)
Haskel International
Highland Scuba
Hollis® Gear
Innovative Scuba Concepts
International Training (TDI)
Innerspace Systems Corporation™
KISS Rebreathers
Liquivision Products
Light Monkey
Luxfer® Gas Cylinders
Micropore, Inc.
Miflex2 Hoses
Molecular Products
Nautilus Lifeline
Poseidon Diving Systems
Reef Net
Scuba Stik
Sea Pearls
Shearwater Research
Submerge Scooters
Thermo Valves
White Arrow
Worthington Cylinders

Dive Gear Express is an authorized dealer for new, first quality, genuine brand name scuba diving equipment. Our mission is to provide experienced divers worldwide with an informative, convenient, and safe business where they can buy scuba diving equipment with fair prices, full warranties, and rapid shipping.

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You can e-mail or call us with your questions about our products. Your inquiry will handled by experienced divers and diving instructors who have the answers to your questions. Then place your order on our secure Web site with confidence that we will meet your expectations no matter where you live.

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Divers Alert Network Dive Gear Express is a DAN Industry Partner of the Divers Alert Network. All of our staff are also DAN members.   IANTD Dive Gear Express is a member of International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers as a Platinum Premier IANTD Full Service Technical Facility.

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