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Slap Strap, Plain All Black
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Slap Strap on Mask The Slap Strap® neoprene mask strap easily adjusts for unbeatable comfort, eliminates pulled hair, and distributes pressure more evenly allowing for a better mask seal. The one-size-fits-all Slap Strap replaces the existing strap on most brands of dive mask, including all masks sold by Dive Gear Express. Many experienced divers prefer the durable neoprene Slap Strap because it has proven to be much more reliable than silicone straps. The strap offered by Dive Gear Express is the high-quality original Slap Strap and is black on the Slap Strap Back outside, and now with an all black plush backing and no-fray Velcro® attachment. Ours is also notable because it's the uncommon plain all black version, with no marketing message or logo imprint. Velcro® strap is slightly less than { 7/8 in | 2.2 cm } wide.

Personalized Slap Strap
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2-3 Days


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Examples of New Color Choices All black masks tend to look alike. Now you can easily identify yours with your name or message embroidered right on the slap strap. Have your black mask strap embroidered with Red, White or Black (yes, black!), or try one of our new thread color choices: Pink, Gold, Green, Orange, or Blue, and then select a font. In the photograph inset at lower left, the 'Follow Me' example is Serif font, the 'Lisa' example is Script font, and the 'Mark' example is Sans-Serif font. Serif and Sans-Serif may be any mixture of upper and lower case. For Examples of White, Red and Black Thread Script, only the first letter of each word should be upper case.) You'll enter your message of 10 characters or less in the shopping cart. We'll take care of the rest, and you'll have your personalized slap strap in a few days!

Due to the unique nature of the Personalized Slap Strap, this item is NON-RETURNABLE. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase.

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Leaking Mask? Loosen The Strap!

If your mask is leaking, try loosening the strap, not tightening it. All mask straps, regardless of the type, are there just to keep the mask from falling off your face, not to make the seal. The thin feather edge of the silicone mask skirt is what makes the watertight seal with the face. If the strap is too tight, the skirt and that feather seal will become warped and misshapen which can cause the mask to leak. If the mask is leaking slightly, tightening the strap even more will usually make the leak worse. With a properly set strap, some types of water entries might dislodge the strap, so make a habit of reaching back behind your head with one hand to steady the strap (not the mask) during entry. Any diver who exits and has a 'mask ring' indentation in their face probably has too tight a mask strap.

A nice feature of the Slap Strap is the Velco tabs make it easy to change the strap length and you can even do it during the dive by feel. If your mask is leaking, you can try loosening the strap during the dive to see if it solves the problem. Of course you can also tighten it during the dive. Sometimes on deep dives the water is very cold on the bottom and requires a hood, yet the water is very warm near the surface which can cause uncomfortable overheating on the shallow deco stops. Some technical divers like to wear a hood during the cold part of the dive, then during their warmer long deco stops they pull the hood off and tighten the mask strap to compensate.

Dive Gear Express Logo T-Shirt, Black
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The joke sometimes heard among hard core divers is 'Do you have that in a darker color than black?' So with our tongue planted in cheek, we ordered a few of our logo shirt in an all black design silkscreened on the front of a quality black cloth T-shirt. It actually turned out subtle and very 'cool'.

Adult T-Shirt is preshrunk 100% Ultra Cotton jersey from GildanUSA Activewear with an ultra tight knit surface. Features a traditional fit with seamless double-needle collar, taped neck and shoulders, double-needle sleeve and bottom hems. Our logo is printed in glossy black (yes, black!) silkscreened color on the front of deep black color material. Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large sizes.

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Slap Strap, Plain All Black  INV-SS0901 Slap Strap, Plain All Black In Stock  $9.95
Personalized Slap Strap  EMBROIDER Personalized Slap Strap
2-3 Days  $21.95
Dive Gear Express Logo T-Shirt, Black  DGX-10.201B Dive Gear Express Logo T-Shirt, Black
In Stock  $12.50

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